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    THR Help?

    Hello all. I was on this site two years ago but I can’t for the life of me remember my login, so please excuse the new account! I am now 38, with DDH and very advanced OA on my right side and have been told a THR is my only option for a normal life. I went on the UK NHS list in February 2020...
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    Update from previous posts

    Hi everyone, Long post, do bear with. I was on here much earlier in the year in a blind panic about potentially needing a THR. I remember a great number of you being incredibly kind and patient with me, so thank you for that. It meant a huge amount. I have Bi Lateral Type I (mild) DDH which...
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    THR The future

    Hi everyone Again, thank you all for the support on my past posts. I realise I came across a bit hysterical (I even knew that at the time!) but I was really struggling. I won’t pretend I’m much better now, although I am more at peace with needing the op. Being on lockdown and not crazily busy...
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    THR Anterior or posterior?

    Hi all Sorry to start a second thread, hope it’s ok to do this? I’m still putting my back into researching everything as I sit on the waiting list. At present, I’m down to have a posterior approach but I’ve been reading up about the anterior approach, and it sounds like a better recovery...
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    THR Advice desperately needed!

    Hi everyone. I’m a healthy and active female in my mid thirties, other than having bi-lateral hip dysplasia. I noticed I was having knee pain and stiffness in my late twenties, and went to a consultant where I was diagnosed. Two years ago I saw a surgeon who explained that one hip was worse...


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