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  1. EdiePA

    THR Edie’s Slow & Steady Recovery

    Surgery went well — left anterior total hip. It was supposed to be same day surgery, but I spent one night in the hospital, due to my late arrival on the surgical floor, nausea and difficulty immediately post-op getting my pain controlled. Who knew that fentanyl did nothing for me? Also, I...
  2. EdiePA

    THR Finally, Hip, Hip Hooray!

    After two years of pain, visits to five orthopedic surgeons, two MRIs, two guided injections and I’ve lost count of how many X-rays, I have a hip replacement surgery date of June 28th! I had hip arthroscopy ten years ago and now my labrum is filled with bone spurs. A huge thank you to...
  3. EdiePA

    THR Frustrated -- Could use some help

    Over a year ago, you were all so helpful with my medial partial R knee replacement, which is great. Nine years ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my Left hip for labral fraying, synovectomy, gluteus med tendon repair, bursectomy and my IT band lengthened. In September 2019, I started feeling...
  4. EdiePA

    PKR EdiePA’s RPKR Recovery

    Surgery (October 23rd) went pretty much as expected. My ortho doc did the arthroscopy first and then the partial medial replacement. Half of my medial compartment had profound arthritic damage — probably due to my previous medial meniscus repair. I came home yesterday. The pain is bearable...
  5. EdiePA

    EdieP's Pre Op Thread

    Not sure this is okay to post here as I may or may not be having a right partial KR on October 23. A bit of the back story, I’m a 62 yr old female, pretty active and now in so much pain that I find my life getting smaller and smaller (no more hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, etc.) In October...


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