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    Not a Happy Camper!

    Hi, everyone. Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going for me. My LTKR will be at the 6th month mark in a few days. I saw my OS yesterday and he is really pleased with my progress. For all the people on here who worry about ROM numbers, I have to tell you that he just had me...
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    Had My First Tub Bath Today!!!!

    I think this is my biggest accomplishment in my recovery so far. I have been so nervous to try it and I have not had one in 5 months. The showers using my bath bench cannot compare to the luxury of a long soak in the tub. I need to kneel down on one knee in order to get into the tub, as I have...
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    Another new pain - ugh!!

    I never realized that 5 months postop, I could develop aches and pains in so many different places. Two days ago, I was in the process of sitting down on my sofa, when I suddenly had sharp stabbing pain in my non TKR leg. This is the knee that will be having a TKR in June. Anyway, the pain...
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    Annoying pain behind thigh and outer knee

    I just have a quick question for you. Ever since starting physio several months ago, I began having a very annoying pain that runs from the outside back of my thigh down just past the back of my knee and into the back of my upper calf - all on the back outer edge of my leg. I don't really notice...
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    Amost 5 months post LTKR and Grumpy!!

    Hi everyone. I think I am in need of some of your wonderful cyber hugs tonight. I am almost 5 months post LTKR and I am having a tough time of it. Severe stenosis in my lumbar spine is causing a lot of pain in my left hip and groin, especially at night and when walking. This has become much...
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    Symptoms of Metal allergy?

    I am just wondering what symptoms a person would exhibit following TKR if indeed, they were allergic to one of the components. Ever since my TKR in October, I have been experiencing recurrent bouts of itchy hives around the area at the lower end of my suture line. They are not on the incision...
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    Question about Physio Device

    Just a quick question. Awhile back, there was a discussion about a hand held device that was used by someone's physiotherapist for loosening up the soft tissues or working on the muscles. I think they said it was a hard plastic thing or something like that. I was telling my physio about it and...
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    Yea!! On Recovery Side and Doing Well

    I had my LTKR on October 19 and most things went as planned. I am so very glad that it is over and so far I am doing way better than I ever imagined was possible. The first night was the longest night of my life, but after that, it has been pretty much uphill all the way! I was up on my new...
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    How Many Actually Do Pre Op Exercises?

    I realize exercising prior to surgery to build up muscles and get fit generally is very important. My question is how many people here actually did these two or three times a day before their surgery? I have tried very hard to do what I could in this area. However, whenever I try to do them...
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    Post-op Use of Anti-inflammatories

    Hi, just wondered if anti-inflammatories are generally prescribed post surgery and at what point in recovery that happens. What types are usually used and for how long? I am interested because I have IBS and gastritis and am unable to take the most common ones anymore. I take Celebrex at times...
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    Use of Antibiotics

    I just have a quick question. Are antibiotics given routinely during or after TKR? I have been put on 10 days of Doxycycline Hyclate for a cat bite. I will end it just 4 days prior to my surgery. The bite is a very small puncture wound that has pretty much healed over already, but my doctor...
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    Oh, Oh. Cat Bite!!

    My surgery is 2 weeks tomorrow, and I have hit a stumbling block. We have a very old cat with kidney problems and for the past year I have been administering subcutaneous fluids to him every night to clear the toxins from his kidneys. Because of my upcoming surgery, the vet suggested I try to...
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    Allergic To Codeine and Morphine

    Unfortunately, I have a severe allergy to both Codeine and Morphine and have been told by my allergist that I will not be able to take any opiates following my TKR. The only drugs which she feels I can safely take for pain relief are Demerol and Fentanyl. Has anyone else had this problem? I am...
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    Scheduled Surgery Very Soon and Terrified

    I am a new member and this is my first post in any forum ever! I have been reading all the amazing info within your community for many months now and I can feel the warmth and honesty that you all share. You are a wonderful group of individuals. Let me introduce myself. I am a 63 year old...

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