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    6 Weeks Post Op.

    Saluti Tutti, (Hello to All), I am at the 6 week mark of post op. I am still using two crutches, and being encouraged to go slow and easy by the physical therapists at the rehab center I go to daily, as it is part of the recuperation and medical system here in Italia. I dont know if this is...
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    Day 16 After the Hip Replacement.

    Hello to All here, just wanted to get a little update out to you all. I am feeling good with the new metal prosthetic in my left hip, after 10 days in the hospital it was good to come home last week(10 days is an Italian thing). I have been doing my exercises that the physical therapists at...
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    Need Help to Understand

    Ok, I read that after 5 days many people leave the hospital and go into a rehab. or nursing center for rehab. I am at a loss to understand why in Italy they keep a person so long in the hospital, I arrived on February 25, had the surgery the morning of the 27 and today 6 days after surgery...
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    3 day and extremely happy.....

    Hello Everyone, I has just come from laying in the bed doing exercises on the first and second days after surgery to sitting on the edge of the bed doing some exercise yesterday day two and today I am sitting in a chair with all drainage and cathedora removed for urine. I have no pain and have...
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    New to Forum; Surgery next Wednesday.

    Ciao, I hope I am arriving in time to receive some words of encouragement from others who have gone before me. This has been a long process to get to within days of having my left hip replaced. Today having gone to the final appointment with the Ortho Surgeon prior to surgery next Wednesday...

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