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  1. CAdesgirl

    TKR Cortisone/Medrol dose pack 5 day

    In my opinion, you should stop PT for a week and do nothing but what you must do. Spend as much time as possible icing and elevating. I bet your ROM improves. Your body needs time to heal, it doesn't need to be tormented. It's angry and will stay angry as long as you keep working it so hard.
  2. CAdesgirl

    TKR Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    In a few months, you'll be glad you had it done! I'm just over 9 months out and I'm so glad to be on the other side. I'm just sorry I waited so long. I could have saved myself years of pain and 20 lbs of weight that I gained while not able to be physically active.
  3. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    @sistersinhim I'm glad that I had a doctor that set reasonable expectations based on my prior surgeries. I forgot to mention that we traveled to Denver 2 weeks ago for 4 days. The knee didn't love the uneven sidewalks but I was able to do everything I wanted to do including walk around Idaho...
  4. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    Hi, all! Sorry for the silent treatment. Life has been busy. I'm almost to 8 months post-op which is hard to believe but it's true. The knee is doing well. I still don't have great extension +8 or so and my flexion is still about 108. I'm happy with what I do have because the only pain I...
  5. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    Another month has gone by... Boy, that was quick. No change in my ROM which is frustrating. Last week it was measured at 102 and +8 (which is worse than the month before on the extension). I don't care as much about the flexion but I'd like to be able to straighten my leg. I go back to the...
  6. CAdesgirl

    Feeling out of options :(

    I had an osteotomy in 2013 (with ACI) and had my knee done in January. The knee replacement is easier, in my opinion, than the osteotomy was. Like you, I was young when I had a major injury (27) and they didn't want to do a knee replacement. I struggled for 20 years before I had the...
  7. CAdesgirl

    TKR At my Lowest point

    OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling so much. I am at 13 weeks and, while my ROM isn't where I'd like it to be, I would never go to PT even 3x a week. I go 1-2x a week because I swell up from doing the exercises and I've learned that isn't helpful. When I went to my OS last week...
  8. CAdesgirl

    TKR ITB Snaps2's recovery thread

    I just want to chime in to say that I've also been having issues with my IT band (and possibly my LCL). I had a follow up visit with my OS on Friday and got the cortisone shot he recommended. I spent all weekend cursing him because, while it felt better on Friday, it hurt like heck all...
  9. CAdesgirl

    Partial knee replacement at 26

    I also had ACI and TTO. As you can see from my signature, I got MRSA in one of the screw holes for the TTO. As far as I'm concerned, that surgery was the worst thing I've ever done. The pain relief from the arthritis was better for a couple of years but it was replaced by pain from the...
  10. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    I've never received much relief from the cortisone shots in the knee joint. The one I got yesterday might have done some good. The knee seems less swollen than it has been and there is improvement in the pain on the outside of my knee. Whether it helps long-term, we'll have to see. My doc is...
  11. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    Update - I went to see the OS today and he was very receptive. I talked with him about my symptoms and he thinks, besides the IT band issue, that I might have an issue with my LCL based on the location of the tenderness. He gave me a cortisone shot to see if that was helpful and I have to go...
  12. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    Thank you all for your support. I have an appointment with my OS tomorrow and will discuss this with him. I know that the IT band is interfering with my recovery.
  13. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    @JDinCT Well, that looks interesting particularly since I just had another work trip scheduled for the week of the 22nd and it's a 5 hour drive. Mike is actually taking the week off so he can drive me up and back. Well, it's also the central coast of CA which happens to be a happy spot for...
  14. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    @sistersinhim I did take an ice pack and strapped it on for the drive up but it melted and I didn't refill it for the drive back. I just wanted to be home. I think my drive up will be okay on the 14th because I shouldn't hit traffic. I'll keep in mind your advice to stop every hour for the...
  15. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    I had xrays done for my followup with the O/S on Friday. I'm pretty sure the doctor showed me xrays at my first postop appt but I was still pretty medicated. I look at these and think of what they had to do to get them in and am surprised that the pain wasn't worse (not that it wasn't bad...
  16. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    Question - how long did you all wait until you drove for several hours? I ask because I drove about 85 miles each way for a lunch meeting on Friday which ended up being 3 hours each way. I have another trip scheduled in two weeks (driving up on Sunday and back on Thursday) and I'm wondering if...
  17. CAdesgirl

    TKR Jodingers recovery thread<

    Don't feel too badly about overdoing it. We all have at some point. I found this group weeks before my surgery and still pushed myself too far several times with PT. It's a long, slow recovery which will only be longer and slower if we (talking to myself here, too) try to hurry things along...
  18. CAdesgirl

    TKR Jodingers recovery thread<

    Greetings from sunny Southern California. I just wanted to chime in to say welcome and to let you know that you're right on track. The first 3 weeks post-op are fairly awful although, with my interesting surgical history, it wasn't the worst. I noticed definite improvement week over week from...
  19. CAdesgirl

    TKR Strange New World

    At almost 10 weeks, I forgot my cane at work today. I got home and was thrilled because, a few weeks ago, I carried it with me every time I got out of my chair at work. Your post makes me so excited about the future!
  20. CAdesgirl

    TKR Grace's (CAdesgirl) recovery

    Update: I went back to work on March 7th and it's gone really well. I have kept my walking to a minimum on most days with yesterday being an exception. I've been working 6-8 hours and not icing as much as I should. I make up for it by coming home and icing for an average of 2 hours. The...

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