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  1. jeffjob

    TKR Mosey43's Recovery Thread

    What do you mean by poor recovery? Each of us faces challenges with TKR. How can we help?
  2. jeffjob

    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    Hi and welcome as well. No two recoveries are the same so it’s really hard to compare. I am at the 7 & 8 month mark and my worse knee is still loosing some swelling. I just told my wife last week that I can see more definition in the knee because the swelling in down. To my experience, your...
  3. jeffjob

    TKR Post 10 days

    @BenF Yes, it's a process! I had lot's of pain above the knee as well. It made bending harder and I took my time with it. Be careful with PT, don't do it to the point of pain and don't let it set you back on your recovery. I did out-patient PT 3 times a week and listened to my body. I did not...
  4. jeffjob

    TKR The Suspense is Killing Me!

    Home PT can be luck of the draw and how you manage them. I ended up with a fabulous person that really treated me well and both my wife and I really liked. I had lots of fear my first TKR and I remember the first time she went to touch my leg to help it bend. I politely (but firmly) told he I...
  5. jeffjob

    TKR Kneeling after TKR<

    Funny you asked this as yesterday I kneeled (to get up from working on the floor) for the first time since my TNR's 5 & 6 months ago. Botton line, it really felt ok to me. The pressure felt a bit strange and I did not linger on my knees (on a carpet) but it did not feel bad. To answer your...
  6. jeffjob

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    Good report! Keep up your meds, icing and elevating. Get your daily activity up as soon as your knees are ready. Keep moving and go easy on the PT.
  7. jeffjob

    TKR The Suspense is Killing Me!

    I had a pre-op class. Really done well and informative. They said no catheters and I woke up with one. Turned out to be a great thing! They targeted pain to be 2-4 / 10 and they met that with me. I took the max allowed during my over night stay. I would ask what PT will be required and what...
  8. jeffjob

    TKR New knee- ace wrapping

    I had the same issue on both my legs. And my OS did not use any adhesive bandages so when the ace and compression wrap fell, it left my incision exposed. Eventually I got the home nurse to provide an adhesive (island) dressing. What I eventually did that helped keep the compression bandage up...
  9. jeffjob

    TKR The Suspense is Killing Me!

    No way to predict how "weight bearing" you will be. I had both knees done this spring (6 weeks apart) and the first I will full weight bearing right away and on a cane in a few days and just did very well. The second knee needed a lot more work and I could not put full weight on it for about 10...
  10. jeffjob

    TKR Second tkr, now both are new

    Good to have them done I am sure! I had mine done 6 weeks apart this spring. They were so different in the recovery process, so be prepared for that! I am 5 and 6 months out now and both are doing great. It is so good to be able to do things again! Be well.
  11. jeffjob

    TKR Bending knee backwards

    Hmmmm, we obviously can't tell but I would also be concerned about it. I am 61 and had some pretty bad knees which made me be sedentary for many years and I carried a lot of weight. The first couple of weeks the butt kick was very hard but by week 4-6 I was doing very well. Even my right leg...
  12. jeffjob

    TKR Sky Blue's recovery - both TKRs

    @Sky blue Hello and I had my knees done 6 weeks apart this spring. My thoughts are as long as you can put a good amount of weight and do stairs on your new knee it should hold up to the second knee being done. Don't forget, some people do get both done at the same time! I don't think the ROM...
  13. jeffjob

    TKR 8 wks out from RTKR

    @clucas I had similar issues. My left knee was completely straight from day one but I struggled with flex. My right knee (done 6 weeks after) was just the opposite. And I really struggled with IT band and hamstring issues. PT worked on it and what they did helped briefly but it really took time...
  14. jeffjob

    PKR 6 Week Post PKR

    6 weeks in you are still early on in healing. I had both knees done this year and the first healed very fast and in two weeks I was walking w/o a cane and driving. The second I was still limping at 4 weeks and no driving. So all are different. Listen to your body but try and do more each day...
  15. jeffjob

    TKR Hello everyone

    @Roger71 You really are doing well. I did really well (at least with my LTNR) this year but had the same issue with sleeping. I am a right sleeper so it did not take much discomfort to keep me awake. Definitely try to not over-do during the day. Ice and elevate as the less the leg is stressed...
  16. jeffjob

    TKR lindakay’s recovery thread

    @lindakay I had the same fear as I did "pop" open a small incision years ago. MY PT person assured me and explained that the TNR incision is closed in layers and will not open. I also asked my OS when I had my stitches out on day 11 and he assured me as well. So I had faith and kept bending a...
  17. jeffjob

    October 30 surgery...Pre-surgery appointment today...Discharge plan includes PCA Pump

    Wow, no I have not and I had my TKR's done at a fairly progressing center in Connecticut. Very well could be more driven by the Opioid issues here in the states. I suppose it could work well but couldn't there be issues with the nerve block and leg / lower body functions? I had nerve blocks...
  18. jeffjob

    Scheduled for Knee Replacement but having second thoughts

    Take some time and be real honest with yourself about how your knees are keeping you from doing what you want to. I waited (probably too long) until I could do very little. I know I lost participating in many things for several years. I had both mine done this year and can do most of what I...
  19. jeffjob

    MUA One Step at a Time

    @sectac What I did for extension exercises was sit in an upright chair and extend my leg to another chair of equal height. I would let gravity pull the leg straight as I held the position until it became too uncomfortable. In the beginning my right leg could only take 5-10 seconds at a time...
  20. jeffjob

    MUA One Step at a Time

    @sectac There are some major butt-head therapists out there. I fired one al sweet for doing the same to me. Telling me I was failing because I was not at 120 flex at 4 weeks. He started mentioning MUA and really made me feel down and like I was not working hard enough. Then I went to my OS and...

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