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  1. Texas

    Staples out 3 days ago, dry skin by scar

    Im 3 days out from getting my staples removed, when I bend the skin, scar feels and looks tight..When can I put vit e oil or cocoa butter lotion on the scar or around the scar......thank you in advance............
  2. Texas

    What to do 1-2 weeks out of surgery!!!!

    What was your day like the first couple of weeks.......Just an idea of what I should be doing. I know everyone is different.......Do we relax, lay around ice and watch TV. and do PT......or should I be up doing things if so like what........Do I cook , clean....did I leave the house etc...I...
  3. Texas

    Texas' recovery thread

    Hello......I will do my best here......Got home Friday...He didnt have to do a whole revision thank goodness but right not it feels like he did.......He just replaced the spacer and got alot of debris out of the back and sides......he says cement.....Surgery was 2 1/2 hrs.......He said alot of...
  4. Texas

    My Revision Surg Is Nov 4th (So Scared)

    TRKR, I didnt want to say for sure yest but I got a call from th Dr's office saying come in today...I did and its scheduled and ready for Nov 4th....Everything is set...I cant tell you how scared I am.....I really cant imagine doing this again.,...but im trying ...........all I have ever wanted...
  5. Texas

    Spirit's surgery is today !!!!

    From Carmen, I have my THR surgery today at 12 noon. I am still a little nervous but I have a lot of faith in God; and in his name. I know everything will be alright. Please say a quick prayer for me? I will let you know how it went once I feel better afterwards. Carmen/Spirit09
  6. Texas

    Dr's in Salt Lake City, UT or Vegas ..????

    This is for a friend. Has anyone had their surgery in any of these places. If you have the name of a Surgeon (OS) please post it here. Any info would be greatly appreciated...... Needs to find a Dr in these areas....Thanks in advance
  7. Texas

    Hot Knee/Torn Calf (1)

    Well I thought it went anyway. Up last night crying trying to put ice in the tub and my leg in with it. I have read all the posts on hot knees, but to the point were I sweat sometimes. This is so strange that it gets this intense that I cry. Dr said its normal. Did blood work to make sure there...
  8. Texas

    What is this....

    This is what he showed me last visit. He told me it had to be something left over from surgery, because it wasn't on his pre-op xray's. I go see a new Dr. on June 25. Not a great pic. He thinks it's behind the knee and should be ok ? I have no idea!!!Could this be causing the pain that I am...
  9. Texas

    More ROM @ Home

    Can the Recumbent bike help give you more ROM, or is it just good for excercising the knee. If I ride the bike will my ROM improve? Provided I keep moving the seat up !! Please post a homemade (one you have made up.) exercise you do for the knee. PT getting expensive so I am doing it on my own...
  10. Texas

    Starting Over, Good News

    I am forgetting about all that other stuff, so thought I would start a new thread. And guess what............I did the Bike today and went all the way around ...yeah me.......and I was measured at 102 that is incredible for me. I was 65 a week ago. I guess it goes to show no matter where you are...
  11. Texas

    Is Hip Resurfacing Like Knee Arthroscopy?

    Crazy question I hope not, is hip resurfacing, like a athoscopy misspelled (scope) for the knee?
  12. Texas

    Another Surgery !!!!!

    Well as you might know I had a TKR 4-3-09. Couldnt bend pass 65. Dont get me wrong I think the knee replacement was fine No more pain like before..unfortunatly, I need a manipulation, and poss whole new repalcement. There is a piece of metel or wire, thats is showing on the xray that shouldnt be...
  13. Texas

    2 wks out post -op help!

    41 TKR- I have been online reading all of your posts for weeks now. I have to say w/o you knowing you have gotten me thru alot of bad days and nights, sometimes make me laugh at the conversations Great! this is long please bare w/ me. But my concern is (lil embarrising) i can only bend about 65...

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