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  1. Fiona444

    THR Fiona UK recovery<

    Hello all on this side! After a nerve wracking morning i met with the surgeon who was lovely and suggested a spinal. Then the anaesthetist came to see me and said if he was having the op he would have a general! He said because i was so fit i would be unlikely to have any issues and he would...
  2. Fiona444

    Questions re referred pain

    Hello all. Sorry, I have more questions re pain other than in my hip. I also get pain on the outer side of lower leg and front of thigh. Is this referred pain do you think?:scratch:
  3. Fiona444

    Toilet seat questions

    Hello all, just a question re toilet seats. I am getting a 4 inch raised toilet seat for home but am planning if possible to go back to work before the 6 weeks. I work 3 days a week in an office. My question is that I will not have a raised toilet seat at the office. Will I be able to use a...
  4. Fiona444

    Questioning my decision

    Hello everyone very glad to have found BS in the last couple of weeks and so useful to read all your accounts. I am booked in 8th July for THR. I have mild dysplasia, impingement, bone on bone arthritis and a bone cyst. Does anyone get days where the pain is not bad at all? I think my pain is...

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