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    Bilateral PKR Bilateral Partial Knee Replacement Advice

    I did. He was. a part of a group of surgeons in Alaska then did so well he now has his own clinic. His dad was also a doctor a heart surgeon. I don’t live in Alaska anymore though. Mine didn’t feel great at first but when he went back and scoped them to remove the excess cement I had great...
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    Revision TKR Surgery is cancelled

    that is what I am hoping for too jockethe. Ty for your support. Glad your hubby is okay
  3. Username

    Bilateral PKR Bilateral Partial Knee Replacement Advice

    my partial knees are now 17 and 18 years old. I need them both replaced now though.
  4. Username

    Bilateral PKR Bilateral Partial Knee Replacement Advice

    I had a right partial knee and then the left 6 months to a year later. That is all they would offer me because of my age. I was 35 at the time. Too be honest if you are allowed I would get total knees if you can. Eventually arthritis ends up in the whole knee which it did in my case also it is...
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    Revision TKR Surgery is cancelled

    i will know the date of the cardiac Cath when they get insurance approval. The doc figures the last week in February. I was surprised this time because I had stress tests done before years ago and nothing showed up. I just got the results today. Thank you for your support also. I love this...
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    Revision TKR Surgery is cancelled

    No the august trip is prepaid, got all the discounts, early booking, frequent passenger etc. thank you for your support though
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    Revision TKR Surgery is cancelled

    I am so dissapointed. I was supposed to have a right knee conversion from a partial knee to a total knee due to bone spurs, severe arthritis and instability. While getting preop work up I had to get an echo and stress test. The echo was normal. The stress test showed a minor abnormality so...
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    TKR Knee Giving Way

    I would to make sure you didn’t reinjure the knee, also giving away can cause you to fall and you don’t want that
  9. Username

    TKR I have a date

    Saw my surgeon today. He was thrilled with the 35 pound weight loss. My surgery date is scheduled for February 12. I will be having a revision from a successful partial that lasted several years to a full knee. I am kind of concerned because he said it is more complicated than a first time...
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    TKR What questions to ask the doctor

    i saw my physician in September. He said if I lost 20 pounds he would schedule me for right knee replacement. I succeeded and lost 34. I had bilateral partial knees many years ago in a different state and did extremely well. They have lasted 18 and 19 years. Now he plans on revising the...

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