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  1. newnee

    2 years since TKR and knee not doing so well

    It has been a while since I have been on here. I was having some personal issues I was dealing with and I did not want to discourage anyone who was contemplating surgery. I was doing better after surgery managing pain. I did notice that my foot was slightly turned outward. I mentioned this at...
  2. newnee

    TKR Finally made it

    Surgery was successful. Pain is terrible but controllable. PT is horrible but doable I seem to have the reverse problem of others I can't stay awake. Sleep is good. I get and go to the bathroom almost every 4 hours bladder is wanting extra attention. I get vicodin every 4 hours and morphine...
  3. newnee

    can't open zip file

    I have tried from differant computers to open the attached file in this post http://bonesmart.org/public_forum/must-have-down-loadable-list-for-pre-post-surgery-t7529.html but everytime I try i get invalid or corrupted link. Is there something else I need to do to access this file
  4. newnee

    Back button

    I have noticed this started yesterday when I use the back button on my browser nothing happens. I clicked on thedown arrow and it shows the back button is displaying 4 entries for share this. I thought maybe it was my computer so I have tried differant computers and I get the same thing. I...
  5. newnee

    Easy feet

    I was reading through the Helpful pre & Post Surgery Items and found lots of great ideas. I wanted to include this item but the library forums are closed for posting so I thought I would share it here and if it appears to be helrful maybe it can get moved to that post The item is Easy Feet. I...
  6. newnee

    can dental problems affect knee replacement surgery

    My doctor agreed it was time to replace the knee. I have quit smoking and must wait at least 30 days for the nicotine to clear my system, I am also loosing weight per the doctors instructions. While waiting I decided to get a dental check up. Everything was going well the dentist and...

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