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  1. Hoppy Nanny

    TKR Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    Just setting this up for my Recovery Thread (with thanks to @Mojo333 for the Title :snork:. Op tomorrow morning... got to be in by 7.30am. Just realised I’ve forgotten to drink those pre op drinks today... so got to cram them in before bed. Probably won’t get too much sleep so hoping I’ll...
  2. Hoppy Nanny

    2 THR’s and now booked in October for RTKR ...wondering how different it will be ?!

    Just wondering if anyone else had two new hips and then move onto TKR? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hoppy Nanny

    THR Well I’ve got my 2nd hip now

    Day 2 today... operation went well... didn’t feel a thing & today I’ve been up walking on zimmer first & then crutches... was going swimmingly well until the pain set in tonight! wow... can’t sleep... guess it’s that Day 3 feeling! Hospital is fab & all staff are amazing... no complaints...
  4. Hoppy Nanny

    I’m back!!! 2nd THR on 20th March

    Can’t get back on my old thread from 2013... trying to work out how to use this new set up... (old dog.. new tricks [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]) I’ve been in pain for a year now & have finally taken the plunge & getting it done next Wednesday... I need to get back to be able to walk my doggies &...
  5. Hoppy Nanny

    THR Wished I'd found you before

    Hi there, I had right THR on September 17th.....lots of info received before op but once home there is no support from anyone. And then...2 days ago ...I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness....you have kept me sane. Reading all the various problems and different rates of recovery is so very...

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