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  1. Helizabug

    TKR Harshy's TKR

    Maybe this will be helpful. I had an MUA in early February. The afternoon of the MUA, I went to PT and was so pleased because I hit 110 degrees flexion. The next morning I was in a lot of pain, and I stayed in bed and rested. Then, for the next two weeks, I was in worse pain than I had felt...
  2. Helizabug

    TKR Surgery Day

    I go barefoot all the time, and it feels good to me. But I’m one of those people who prefers unstructured shoes with no support. I did buy some lovely slippers, but it was too much bother unless I was really cold. The fear and anticipation is normal. Try to see yourself stronger and doing...
  3. Helizabug

    TKR A Newbie

    Someone wiser than I will stop by soon with lots of good information and support, but I’m here to tell you that you came to the right place. BoneSmart will be very helpful in understanding what can be understood about what’s going on in your new knee. One thing I know you’ll hear, no matter how...
  4. Helizabug

    MUA Knee stiffness.

    You are a couple of weeks ahead of me on both the surgery and the MUA. I think the stiffness is going to stick with us for a while longer. We are really still early in this recovery. Sleeping is very tricky, but when I have to sleep on my back because of pain, I try to tuck the blankets tight...
  5. Helizabug

    TKR Rubyroo 12-2-19 RTKR Recovery Journey

    Walking is great, even though it can be wearing. And it is a major triumph!
  6. Helizabug

    TKR Reeldove's Recovery Thread

    I got a good deal of pain relief from acetaminophen (Tylenol). That fall sounds like a crummy setback, but your soft tissues will heal and you’ll get back on track.
  7. Helizabug

    TKR Recovering from TKR Jan 28/20

    I hated having those staples out when I had my Achilles surgery. Ugh. Before my surgery, I remember being freaked out by the some of the stories on BoneSmart, but someone reminded me that we are a small subset of the vast numbers of people who have knee replacements each year. A lot of us are...
  8. Helizabug

    TKR Jaye’s recovery thread

    That is such great news! You’ll be boating soon!
  9. Helizabug

    TKR 10 day

    Agreed! Ice it around the clock, keep your pain meds going on schedule, and rest. If you’re short of breath and you don’t know why, maybe you should call your doctor. This struggle gets easier over time, but pay attention to your symptoms so that they don’t get out of hand and so that you don’t...
  10. Helizabug

    TKR Sondrals’ recovery

    The complication of that spacer makes everything so crazy, it seems. I would definitely stop those leg presses just because it would wig me out to see my knee doing that! Yikes! Your anxiety about this healing is understandable, but remember that a lot of people recover well, even when they...
  11. Helizabug

    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet<

    Ugh. Life just has to get complicated for us before we’re ready for it! I hope things settle down. You need the rest for your knee and from the stress of caring for your husband.Better days ahead!
  12. Helizabug

    PKR 3 weeks post PKR: question about pain meds

    The things that helped my pain most were ice, elevation, and alternating ibuprofen with acetaminophen every three hours (so each of those meds were every six hours). The ibuprofen isn’t really a pain reliever, but it seemed to ease the inflammation and swelling that was causing some of the pain...
  13. Helizabug

    TKR Sondrals’ recovery

    That would freak me out. Was there any conversation about what it might mean?
  14. Helizabug

    TKR Post Op Incision Care

    Turn your recovery area into a pirate ship or a space ship! Pretend that every foray off the ship requires special preparation and equipment! I want to come play with you! I hope their time with you is wonderful for them and you.
  15. Helizabug

    TKR Good morning! I’m new here.

    I want to add that your ROM seems plenty good! Enviable to me! Bring a fly swatter or a taser to use next time the PT tries to trick you like that. Or better yet, @loneshark64 could lend you that arrow sticking out of his knee. Jeez!
  16. Helizabug

    Bilateral TKR Paramedic on the list for BTKR

    I hope the wait for surgery doesn’t make you too crazy. Thanks for the work you do to help others.
  17. Helizabug

    MUA Done in Time for the Carolina Basketball Game!

    You guys are great! I’m sure my knee will act up some more, but, when it settles down, it reminds me that this isn’t a straight line journey, and that’s okay. What really helps is having a place like this to kvetch about my own stuff, but still have opportunities to support others. (Time for me...
  18. Helizabug

    Bilateral PKR A hiker's new knees

    I hope home will be a comfort to you when you get there. A lot of us worried about going home, but I think most of us found it lovely to be in our own beds . . . or, in your case, recliner . . . with our best blankets and well brewed coffee or tea and familiar sounds and so on.
  19. Helizabug

    Bilateral PKR Di's Double Replacement Recovery

    Getting up from a chair was so great when I first realized I was doing it too! There is nothing that makes a ton of sense to me about our bodies except that they will heal and we will get better. The path is so cluttered with our histories and the ways we adapted to our deteriorating joints...

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