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  1. Butterfly

    FORUM OFFLINE?? Error 522

    I have been getting this error code most of the time for the last 3 days. Only once in a while can I get on the forum, even with my new password Bonesmart sent me. Even when I get on, after I type a minute, I get the error 522 "connection timed out". Dell tech says the error is not on my end...
  2. Butterfly

    Error 522 Message

    I've been getting Error 522 most of the day and it has been telling me the forum is offline. This is the second day I've had trouble with the forum. At one point I was typing away and all of a sudden it went offline. Can you fix? Thanks.
  3. Butterfly

    Password problem

    Today when I tried to sign in (multiple times) I got a "wrong password" message. I've used the same password forever and know it is the right one. I know I entered it correctly, I even did the one finger method on the keyboard to be sure it was right. So I did the change password thing and I...
  4. Butterfly

    Has anyone heard from Navyvet?

    I know he had all kinds of problems pre-surgery and finally was scheduled for mid-October. Has Anyone heard from him? Kinda worried about his sudden silence.
  5. Butterfly

    Surgery moved up to Monday

    My OS office called and they asked if I would be willing to move up my second hip surgery until next Monday, the 28th of October. That's a week earlier than expected, but they had some cancellations. After checking with my DIL, I said OK. YIKES! Big surprise! So now I'm not a November hip...
  6. Butterfly

    Want to change a thread title

    Can I change my post-op forum thread title? I would like it to be "Butterfly Flutters Over." I want to stay with the same avatar -- it suits me. Thank you.
  7. Butterfly

    THR Butterfly Flutters Over

    Just startiong a new thread/
  8. Butterfly

    Help! Cant find the post new thread button

    The Post New Thread button doesn't appear on my pages on my screen anymore (only on this one). I want to post a new thread that says I may not be able to post whileI am in the hospital and not to worry. ALSO I wanted to start a recovery thread because my surgery is tomorrow.
  9. Butterfly

    Anesthesia question -- Epinephrine sensitivity

    Josephine I am oversensitive to epinephrine -- discovered years ago with dental anesthesia. I have to have the kind without the eppy or my heart races, etc. I stupidly did not think to put this down on my list of drug allergies at the doctors -- never think of it applying to anything but my...
  10. Butterfly

    Problem with walker? Help!

    I am using a walker pre-op because my hips have deteriorated so badly. I really struggle to get around, even in my house. Since I've been using it I've developed pain in some abdominal muscles, and I wonder if anyone has experienced this. The pain is very near the surface, and is there when...
  11. Butterfly

    Need help/advice for elevation with THR

    I've read Josephine's posts and looked at the existing posts for proper elevation tools for THR. I've tried a couple things, like piling up pillows, etc., and they either squish down, fall over, or fall of the foot thing of my recliner chair. I even tried duct tape and that was a big mess...
  12. Butterfly

    Question re forum use

    Don't mean to be dense, but -- so if I want to reply to a post I am reading in someone's thread, do I post it at the bottom of that thread? Or go back to my thread? Or tag the person from their own thread, or from my thread? I must be doing this wrong because I see my avatar (small) kinda...
  13. Butterfly

    Pre-op blues

    Seems like all I've done the last couple days is post on these forums, but the forum has helped me a lot. Having said that, I've read all the stuff on post-op blues and I wonder if others have suffered with pre-op blues (depression). Though I am working very hard on positive outlook, looking...
  14. Butterfly

    Taking OTC meds

    Josephine, I am using that ibuprofen/tylenol cocktail as suggested in the forums. I have also been taking both drugs for quite a while, but being VERY cautious not to exceed the recommended daily allowances, or the single dosage maximums. Can just taking these drugs for a long time screw up my...
  15. Butterfly

    New here and terrified

    I need a new hip or probably two and maybe a knee (degenerative arthritis). I'm 67. I've never had surgery before -- well tonsils when I was five, but that's all. I've been trying to convince myself this will take care of itself for some time now, but the last few months it has gotten worse...

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