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  1. mikeycat

    Bilateral THR Oh 'dreams' exactly as visioned

    So I am back as of June 3. This is my saga.I was very grateful to have all of you as one cannot really discuss this with anyone. Superb docs, equal length legs, nurses to die for, skilled, compassionate and at your beck and call (not that I used it) but not the hospital to stay in unless you...
  2. mikeycat

    I will have a date tomorrow really scared

    Was away this week-end and OS secretary called me on Sunday no less to give me a date for surgery. I had allergic reaction to penicillin which I knew I was allergic to and am now on prednisone as my hands swelled up and I got incredible joint pain.Was given this in pre-op apt. to access if I was...
  3. mikeycat

    pre-op appointment

    Hi, I am having a pre-op appointment tomorrow. What tests can I expect ? I know from reading the hospital website that surgery will be in less than a month therefore I should expect to have a TBHR in May. I am not looking forward to it --quite phobic-never had surgery before. I am 65 and will be...

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