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  1. mainegirl1

    THR A new world..there better be coffee

    I heard that my surgeon likes to make early rounds with coffee in hand.. I don't think I will have the presence of mind Monday to start a post op thread legibly ( and I am only taking my phone) but come Tues at 7 am he better bring two.. I will mention his name post op ..
  2. mainegirl1

    Don't be like me and wait too long!

    I had a RTKR in Oct 2016. Even before that in the fall of 2015 X rays were taken of hips and knees. The doctor ( not a surgeon) said there were degenerative changes in the knee and also both hips and "gee the femoral heads are deep"( meaning I had a recessed acetabulum. I had had all cartilage...

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