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  1. Suz

    TKR Swelling and stiff knee

    @Supersport Welcome to Bonesmart! I am in the midst of my second knee-replacement whereby I followed the advice given in this wonderful knee replacement support group. Reading & following the Recovery Guidelines gave me such a better outcome with my first replacement back in 2016. And now I'm...
  2. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    @Jamie Thank You so much Jamie.. my day is made. Funny, a few hours after my post I removed the ice pad and when I looked at the area, the swelling seemed to have decreased. The area was even less tight when I massaged it. :whistle: I'm amused how these things will resolve themselves, but...
  3. Suz

    TKR Recovery So Far LTKR 27 Nov 2019

    Funny how when alone, we are faced with decisions others might frown upon during such a significant recovery. Had I been without butter, juice or bread, I would have done exactly what you did! Successfully! The discomfort of your adventure will pass, but knowing you are capable of taking care...
  4. Suz

    TKR Surgery over now what

    Welcome to Bonesmart @ginr. You have found a wonderful support forum with caring members. Your new friends. My heart goes out to you in the midst of this most difficult time. In any painful recovery, it takes time, but the rawness does ease. My sincerest, heart-felt condolences to you in...
  5. Suz

    TKR Recovery So Far LTKR 27 Nov 2019

    Hi @Equinista! Your life and love for horses is fascinating! I know this is a difficult time for you, being away from your beloved horses. But it is so worth the recovery time you must invest. When I look back on my first knee replacement, the pain & inactivity frustation I knew then is...
  6. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    @Jamie Yes. I also had significant swelling in my ankle on the same side as this. It took 3wks but has finally subsided.
  7. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    Happy Sunday Recovering Friends! Tomorrow makes 4wks post-op here. I've 'really' behaved myself in regards to rest, ice & elevation. I'm concerned about the large swollen area on the right side of my knee, looking down on it. It never moves, no matter how much I pamper it. There's no pain...
  8. Suz

    TKR kneeidea63's TKR Recovery Thread

    Wishing you the very best as you continue to recover! I'm not sure a 'second' TKR is any easier to recover than a first, lol, but I do know time heals! You're just over a week behind me in my recovery and it's been a mental challenge for me during the Holidays. But I'm very soon to be a month...
  9. Suz

    TKR A positive surgery report

    Congratulations & Happy Holidays to you as well @Deamo!! This is such a great support group, should you have questions or just need to be amongst those who understand what you are going through. Sending positive healing thoughts your way! -Suzie
  10. Suz

    TKR New RTKR - looking for advice, etc

    I just didn't leave home unless I had to for at least 3wks post-op. At 3wks and because of the Bonesmart recovery protocol of, rest, elevate, ice, & on-schedule pain reliever, I was able to apply more weight without raw pain to my surgical knee at 3wks. When I took my first short journey out...
  11. Suz

    MUA On the other (dark) side and struggling!

    @Arielyn If your sister, for whatever reason, can't be with you tomorrow, consider rescheduling your appointment. Making decisions that benefit you and your recovery is when you start feeling empowered and 'in-charge' of your recovery! You just don't feel well and will call to reschedule in...
  12. Suz

    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet<

    Thank You for this exhortation. I have recently moved passed the 'raw', pain-storms as I like to call them. I have even been able to seriously back off of my hydrocodone recently. Today I found myself walking all over the house with my walker and even independent of the walker at times...
  13. Suz

    MUA On the other (dark) side and struggling!

    @Arielyn CONGRATULATIONS on your first decision to cancel PT today! I honestly got goosebumps when I read that. AWESOME!!! You did more for your recovery snuggled up with your baby than you would have ever received in the torture-bus enroute to the torture-PT-chamber! I hope you will see a...
  14. Suz

    MUA On the other (dark) side and struggling!

    So glad you were led to Bonesmart Arielyn. Reading your TKR journey left chills up my spine. So unfair. I have always held physicians in such high regards. I still do until I hear of 'extreme' experiences as what you have endured. I so feel for you. Very happy you are now surrounded by...
  15. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    I like this! My tolerance level dropped seriously after the surgery & with taking hydrocodone. I'll see about going to a quiet place, in my mind for now, instead of getting overly frustrated! :bath:
  16. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    SOOOOO glad to hear this and after what you've been through- you would definitely know!! It was 50% better today than the past few days- so prayerfully we're moving on up and out of this pain-storm! Hope all is well where you are! Hugs, -Suz!
  17. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    @Helizabug Biltmore is so magical, anytime you go! A few years back we bought tickets to see an evening with Bruce Hornsby- just outside of the library under the stars. It was SO awesome! It's about a 3hr drive for us, we're on the other side of Boone from there. But SO worth the trip...
  18. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    @eliza61nyc Thank you for the encouragement! You definitely 'get me' on this recovery ordeal! I can't believe there were times prior to my surgery that I thought, well, at least I'll be able to slow down and get some rest. WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING? LOL! I went through all of this back in...
  19. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    @tlfiore I loved your post so much- especially that last exhortation. So true! When I read it I felt like we were sitting together in 'real-time' with our knees propped up! We didn't go all out in our decorations either. My husband just yesterday went to a local Christmas Tree Farm and...
  20. Suz

    TKR Recovering from December 2, 2019 Left TKR

    Hello Friends, Ugh, it's been a rough past few days. I've missed being here. I was relieved to get my staples out yesterday. But the relief was short-lived. I've definitely hit the energy-zap, or whatever it's called. Oh yes, energy drain. That's it. Early yesterday I felt my surgical...

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