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  1. bickypeg

    THR Bickypeg's new hip

    Everything went well. Was only in recovery a short time and ate lasagne and a jam doughnut when back on the ward. Good to have my appetite back. In a side ward as it was so busy on the main ward which has been great. Still full of diamorphine presumably? But no pain in operated leg and mild in...
  2. bickypeg

    postponed operation?

    Due hip replacement on Thursday and nurse rang from ward to do usual questions re skin infections.etc Just happened to ask at end what meds I was on. Just paracetamol and ibuprofen. Quick flurry with him asking further questions and told me I should have been off ibuprofen for a week. I'd been...
  3. bickypeg

    comfy shoes

    It sounds ridiculous but I'm worrying about what shoes to take into hospital next week. Round the house and even the garden now I'm always barefoot. For a short trip out I can wear velcro fastening sandals, ballet type slippers, or more supportive shoes with a bit of a heel and that night I'm...

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