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  1. Carole4815

    TKR Carole’s recovery thread

    I had my TKR today, just a little while ago. So far, not much pain although I imagine that will change at some point.. I did not need to stay in the recovery room long before being taken to a regular hospital room. Then, PT had me walking up and down the hall just a couple of hours after...
  2. Carole4815

    Right TKR soon; great hopes!

    Today I saw a well qualified "knee guy" (board certified orthopedic surgeon who just does knees), for the first time and finally I have a date for my right TKR; August 13th. I am so happy. I have been putting this off for years and I let things get pretty much out of hand. I won't bore you with...
  3. Carole4815

    Synvisc shots: should I be nervous about getting them?

    My OS wants to try Synvisc before scheduling surgery. He didn't seem to be very optimistic about Synvisc but he is well trained, experienced with knee surgery, and well recommended, so I figure if he wants to try it then fine. Who knows? The shots might help. And monkeys might fly. Anyway, I...
  4. Carole4815

    New here and both knees are pretty bad

    Hi, I'm new and although I don't have any specific questions yet I would like to introduce myself. I am 68 years old, female, and both knees have been painful for 19 years. Also for many years they have been more than double the diameter they should be, because they are always swelled up and...

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