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  1. J

    THR 6 weeks post op increased pain

    Thank you all so much - I am taking your advice - icing, elevating and resting. I thought I was done with all that but apparently I'm not :( It is hard to be patient, especially with this being round 2 for me this year. It is also hard not to get discouraged and I so appreciate your feedback...
  2. J

    THR 6 weeks post op increased pain

    Thank you so much for your replies. I appreciate your advice and will definitely give it a try!
  3. J

    THR 6 weeks post op increased pain

    I had my first THA in May and that went pretty well. I had the second one done (anterior) on Oct 15. The first week or so with hip #2 was similar to hip #1 but I am having progressively more pain since about 4 weeks post op, mainly with walking. In addition to short trips to the grocery store...
  4. J

    2019 October Feisties - Are you having hip surgery in October?

    I am scheduled for LTHR October 15. This is number 2 - first was in May this year. Prior to surgery I have a trip to Europe planned. Any advice on traveling with a new hip and a failing hip would be appreciated!

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