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Search results

  1. Dewy

    Knee arthroplasty: techniques and results nov 2010

    Dear all, This seems a useful paper summarising the current situation on knee replacements. I don't think there is anything that hasn't been said before in other posts, but it always nice to see a journal paper with references to back up statements eg on long term survival rates etc. (link no...
  2. Dewy

    Useful article on Knee replacement surgery

    Jo, Steady on, Actually the article says: "Blood loss of up to 1,500 mL during the procedure and a postoperative hemoglobin level decline of up to 3 g/dL should be anticipated, and several units of typed and crossmatched blood should be available." (my italics). I don't think she meant...
  3. Dewy

    Useful article on Knee replacement surgery

    Good point regarding the "aggressive rehab". It isn't completely clear from the article whether they mean doing the exercises aggressively (to the point of pain) or just having an aggressive schedule. I think we should just use our own interpretation ie do the standard exercises as...
  4. Dewy

    Useful article on Knee replacement surgery

    Are you sure? 48 of the 52 references are from 2008 or later. And the majority of the references are from 2010 or later
  5. Dewy

    Useful article on Knee replacement surgery

    This article published in 2012 gives a useful overview of the current state of practice. http://journals.lww.com/ornursejournal/Fulltext/2012/01000/What_you_need_to_know_about_total_knee.6.aspx?WT.mc_id=HPxADx20100319xMP
  6. Dewy

    More threads disappearing from forum?

    I know the the site went down for several days and posts were lost but that was several weeks ago now. However very recently a whole thread has disappeared (and perhaps others have also gone??) For example Dmgkag started a thread on Post-op Pain (or something like that) and a large number of...
  7. Dewy

    One surgeon says TKA, other says PFA--who to believe?

    Samoca, Here are a few other pieces of information to throw into the mix: Kenton Horacek was included in a list of top orthopaedic surgeons in California based on peer review process according to this article. (I don't know how significant this is ?)...
  8. Dewy

    TKR Keith55's 2011-2012 Pre-Op Questions

    It is certainly true that not all outcomes are good, and there seems to be a spectrum from very good outcomes (which give you a virtually natural knee) and the ability to do what you like with no pain or stiffness to people who are in very severe pain (worse than before the operation). The...
  9. Dewy

    Knee Replacement

    Thanks Jo,:blush: Actually I'm just a net nerd... Sometimes the trick is to try a couple of extra key words. Also have a look at stuff on the 2nd or 3rd pages - sometimes the most useful sites are not those top off the list.
  10. Dewy

    Knee Replacement

    Bumpa, That sounds like a very useful overview of the current state of technology and medical knowledge. Unfortunately only the extract is accessible (unless you are a subscriber), but I've found a few websites that give more information about the full article...
  11. Dewy

    PKR Dawnage29's Recovery from PKR

    dawnage29, PKR is ideal for people like you and me who are suitable candidates. I think your surgeon may have meant 90% chance of getting 10 OR MORE years. I've also been told that it CAN take up to 2 years to completely recover, but I think that is true for all knee replacements...
  12. Dewy

    Knee fusion and TKR enquiry

    Yes, it is definitely possible - there were some people posting about it a few months ago. It is not commonly done, it is quite complicated and does not always have good outcomes, but some patients are quite happy with the result. You need a surgeon who specialises in this type of surgery and...
  13. Dewy

    Why No Running?

    Jo, 1/ The Knee Society Advice is also standard advice in the UK (as elsewhere in the world as far as I know) - see for example http://www.bupa.co.uk/individuals/health-information/directory/k/knee-replacement. 2/ Dmgkag is perfectly entitled to express a personal opinion without being...
  14. Dewy

    Why No Running?

    Re: No Running Just for information, according to the Knee Society http://www.kneesociety.org/web/patienteducation_totalknee.html Recommended Activities Cycling, Calisthenics, swimming, low-resistance rowing, stationary skiing machines, walking, hiking, and low-resistance weight lifting...
  15. Dewy

    Why No Running?

    Re: No Running Dmgkag, I couldn't agree more. That study that Sunflower mentions has been given far more publicity than it deserves. It was presentation at a conference rather than a paper published in a peer reviewed journal. If the study had been of publishable standard it would have been...
  16. Dewy

    I have a DATE!

    1cruiselvr, PKR is a challenging operation and some surgeons can achieve very good results but definitely not everyone. If you want to know the probabilities of different survival years for your surgeon, the best thing to do is to ask him! If he has lots of experience, he should know his...
  17. Dewy

    TKR susan

    Hi I agree with what everyone else here is saying about not doing too much exercise at this stage. You've got to listen to your body. If you feel tired then it is your body telling you need need lots of rest. zzzzzzzzz Don't worry too much about strengthening - too early. Just keep...
  18. Dewy

    New Partial Knee

    Mizen, Hope you will get the pain meds sorted soon. At least you've turned the big corner in having the op, and you are now just in the long haul of recovery. (Apologies for the mixed metaphors) Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but soon you will start doing things you haven't been able...
  19. Dewy

    34 years old and need total knee replacement

    Jo, The UK joint registry results including the effect of patient age are generally similar to the Finish results, but I don't know about US and China because (as far as I know) they don't have national joint registries. According to a recent BBC report, UK researchers are concerned about the...
  20. Dewy

    34 years old and need total knee replacement

    I'm really impressed about your weight loss. Well done you! I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your knee. First the bad news: Your knee surgeon does have a point in that revision rates are much higher for patients your age. See for example...

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