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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    Hi Beacher! Thanks for writing! Sounds like you have been through the wringer also! I have been Google searching cures for these infections! Good news coming out way! Don't settle on amputating anything yet. At Massachusetts General they are coming up with new material to make implants out of...
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    Maybe I am misunderstanding what a spacer is. 1st surgery went okay. Then got infected. 2nd surgery, prosthetic debridement and washout done, on IV antibiotics. 3ed surgery, prosthetic removed, and plastic and cement temp knee put in, on IV antibiotics again to clear infection. 4th surgery new...
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    Shouldn't the pain be lessening after 3 weeks? I am using a walker in the house and when I go out, but I think I should be getting to a point where it would start to feel better. Not taking oxycodone, it does weird stuff to Me.
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    A year and a half of this, and being in constant pain, and being under anesthesia for each surgery, 5 times in a year and a half, can't be good for me. I am really hoping for a CURE for this!!
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    1st surgery- July 31, 2018 Aug 31, 2018-stitches removed, surgeon said everything looked ok. Nov 4, 2018- back to work 2nd surgery-Jan 6, 2019- infection found, did washout, debridement, and new antibiotic loaded spacers. Sent home on oral antibiotics, Rifampin, and IV antibiotics for 6 weeks...
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    I have had 4 surgeries on one knee ( right) since July 2018. I don't understand why but it keeps getting infected. Latest surgery was Nov 5, 2019. Was doing great til 6 weeks post op, now all of a sudden can't wals, or put any weight at all on that leg. Thought I may have gotten out of car...
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    I thought of that too, but we had a snowstorm here and I will need to do it at home. Just wanted to know what to clean the wound and stitches with before putting on new optifoam, but I think I will call the nurse at my surgeons office to see what she suggests. Thank you. Date of surgery was...
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    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    I am a week out, and will need to change optifoam bandage. This knee has now been opened up four times because of past infections. I am supposed to change bandage tomorrow. I can see there is some blood beneath, and wanting know what to clean it with before putting on new optifoam on.

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