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  1. Tweefishy

    THR Tetanus shot 20 hrs ago and increasing hip pain??????

    Sorry for the new thread, but I've been doing really well and not checking in so my thread is buried. @Josephine @jaimie I'm getting worried about an immunization I had yesterday, DPT (diphtheria/ pertussis/ tetanus). I agreed to getting the shot since I'm often exposed to rusty nails...
  2. Tweefishy

    THR No More Setbacks

    Well it's been a week & what a ride it's been. We knew going in that getting my pain under control for the RTHR would be difficult due to 2 mos on heavy narcs waiting for surgery. Expecting the pain, and having it.... 2 different things. I didn't realize that I was supposed to ASK for the...
  3. Tweefishy

    The final countdown.....

    Surgery is finally tomorrow morning. Everything is ready, or will be after today's list of errands. Any last minute me tips for keeping the fear to a minimum? I tend to fuss about cleaning, organizing, and generally over exert on every level when I in fear mode. How many days is the pain...
  4. Tweefishy

    Why is knee pain worsening as I wait for THR

    Why does my knee feeling like its being pulled out of place the longer I have to wait for my THR? I've been crutching, hobbling, and walking on a detached labrum and severe dysplasia but I still have 5 more wks until surgery. Tonight it got so bad I could not put any weight on it at all, and...

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