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  1. Gretel

    Bilateral THR Gretel post op<

    Well here I am with two new hips! I was really nauseous and out to it most of yesterday. My blood pressure has been dropping quite low. I got upright earlier but it dropped so I was quickly flat on my bed.
  2. Gretel

    Op can't come soon enough!

    okay so I think I'm over the worrying and stressing wondering if I've made the right decision to have both hips done. Sleep is getting worse, pain is getting worse.... I had the worst night I've had last night. Trying to decide whether to go to the hydrotherapy pool or just have a long hot bath...
  3. Gretel

    Getting organised for bilateral hip replacements

    I've been getting equipment sorted for post op. I have a toilet aid, crutches, walking stick, shower chair, nice solid armed upright chair, recliner and grabbers. Oh and ice pack but need to get more. How many do you suggest? And should I get a wheeled push thingy? Not sure what they are called...
  4. Gretel

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, so glad to find this forum. I'm booked in to have both hips replaced 4th October. I'm currently getting things organised for post op and trying to get things easier for hubby to manage while I'm away. He'll be looking after our five dogs. I've been struggling trying to lose some weight but...


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