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  1. FourCats

    TKR My Journey

    I had my RTKR on Thursday, April 22. The original plan was that I would be discharged home that day but because of severe nausea and vomiting due to the pain, I spent the night. I passed PT and OT on Friday and arrived home early afternoon. My sister :) has been with me and will be here until...
  2. FourCats

    TKR Ready to go?

    My TKR is scheduled for April 22. I have “passed” all my tests and had my pre-op appointments yesterday. I have my freezer filled with leftovers and/or microwaveable foods. I have made a few furniture adjustments to facilitate easier maneuvering with my walker. Spring cleaning done and...
  3. FourCats

    TKR Dealing with negativity

    I have a brother who had a knee injury several years ago which he was able to heal with time and lots of PT. He doesn’t understand that my issue is arthritis and healing is not possible, that it will only continue to deteriorate. It is hard to talk with him without getting upset because he has...
  4. FourCats

    TKR Glad I found you

    Good morning! I am in the initial stages of preparing for TKR and am so happy to have found this resource! I look forward to learning and sharing your experiences and wisdom.


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