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  1. Sparkly

    Revision THR 'Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning - Broke hip 5 weeks after replacement'

    everything went well was kept overnight as precaution as my afib caused a few blips. Home now with oxycodone. I just noticed my face and neck are very flushed. Anyone else have this happen?
  2. Sparkly

    Will this scabbed thing be ok?

    hi all, well surgery canceled last week because of bladder infection. Scheduled for tomorrow again. I got some kind of spot or bit on Tuesday if this week. It is not sore or itchy and is scabbed over. Do you think it will be a problem?
  3. Sparkly

    How soon after hip replacement can you fly?

    Want to plan a trip. have been reading different things ranging from 6 weeks to 3 months? anyone travelled after theirs? thanks
  4. Sparkly

    Surgery got cancelled

    Hi all, just wanted to update, got admitted this morning only to be sent home, because of the bladder infection I started yesterday. I was so bummed after waiting 6 months for surgery. I started antibiotics yesterday a 7 day course of Reflex 500mg. Luckily there was a cancellation next Monday...
  5. Sparkly


    Surgery tomorrow. I think I have a UTI. Will this postpone surgery?
  6. Sparkly

    Pain, 3 weeks till surgery

    hi all, quick question for you. I’ve 3 weeks to go till surgery but my pain has gotten so bad, I pretty much can’t walk at all except for a few excruciating steps. I am reclined on my bed most of the time now, doing crafts and watching tv. If I don’t move I don’t hurt. Did this happen with...
  7. Sparkly

    Trouble getting in car

    hi all, have any of you trouble getting into a car? My husband wanted to take me out for a drive Sunday and I got all dressed up makeup and all. Went to get in the car and hip kept locking up when I went to sit in the seat so I kept having to get up from the seat and squat down to unlock it, but...
  8. Sparkly

    Aleve with pradaxa?

    Hi all. I have recently been put on pradaxa (blood thinner) for A Fib, and have been told I can’t use Aleve or any anti-inflammatory meds because of the risk of bleeding. Aleve helped me immensely with stiffness. I have read somewhere some people took the chance and took it anyway. What are...
  9. Sparkly

    Thank you all for your advice and kind words

    Thank you all for your advice and kind words. I had a cortisone shot back in January it lasted two weeks. I’ve been using a cane since December on my physical therapists advice to help with limping but now it’s really for stability. I have toilet seat risers on my loo and the reachers...
  10. Sparkly

    Sparkly's new hip

    Hi all, I am having my right hip replacement on July 22nd. Almost 9 weeks away, and I am asking how you all cope? Sorry this is so long but I’ve so many questions. Would love to hear from others so I know I’m not just being a wimp. I’ve been waiting 3 months already and am deteriorating so...


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