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  1. Cjackso21

    TKR 9 Months Out.

    Yes, I have had similar issues and rest helped in some instances but i finally had to go to another revision specialist. There was a problem that they figured out right away but my original OS did not after. 18 months of going back to him multiple times. But you sill might just be recovering...
  2. Cjackso21

    TKR 3 wks out TKR

    Hello, sounds like you got some great advice from these folks. I have had many surgeries and always got nauseous after anesthesia but meds are great now for that. But then one time weeks later, I had awful dizziness when I stood or sat up after laying down. Thought there was something very...
  3. Cjackso21

    Revision TKR Help

    So sorry about this long road. I‘ve had a long road too but finally, after 4 other surgeons, feel I have a fantastic doctor. Jamie (above) was fantastic in helping me find him. He will not stop until I am fixed. Just had a second surgery with him, several of many. Hopefully one of your 6...
  4. Cjackso21

    TKR Covid vaccine after TKR?

    Like you and kneeper, I have had clicking many times. My doctor told me it is because my muscles were not strong enough to make my knee cap track correctly, so it clicks. It went away after getting my strength back. I do notice that it occurs again when my knee is tired after lots of...
  5. Cjackso21

    TKR Two new knees 11/20 and 5/21

    My last revision was a week before yours on both knees. Feeling the same tightness and stiffness especially with the monsoons hitting here but I know it is just patience! Good luck!
  6. Cjackso21

    TKR TKR recovery for elderly 87 year old

    Hello, just so you know, knee scooters don’t work very well. Maybe some great ice packs that are easy to use. I have multiple sets that I use so I always have cold ones. My last surgery I had both knees done, and finally got a toilet seat riser. Really helped! I use a 0 gravity chair I...
  7. Cjackso21

    Bilateral TKR Anxious about upcoming MUA

    I agree with Jamie too. I had a MUA many years ago on my right knee due to many surgeries. It was within 8 weeks I think of the latest surgery then. Ended up with an injury and had to stay off of my knee for 2 weeks and had to take off 4 more weeks from work. Not sure if it really actually...
  8. Cjackso21

    TKR Can’t decide

    I agree with Sisterpat. Although I just had both revisions done at once, I was really glad I did both. Less pain meds, only one anesthesia. Was definitely hard at first. But now both are done and getting better. Oxy forever is not the way to live and will eventually not work well. If you...
  9. Cjackso21

    TKR 1 yr 7 months post right TKR

    I only read these and have had many surgeries, so based on that I would try to see a revision specialist who is not related to your surgeon to get another opinion. Good luck!
  10. Cjackso21

    TKR Squatting - after TKR

    It seems like after my last revision, I am having the same nerve problem you referred to above. It was only 6 weeks ago but I had both done more work on my right but my left wakes me up with nerve pain. I will ask my Doctor about it. Thanks! Good luck with squatting. I’m ok without squats...
  11. Cjackso21

    TKR 5 Yrs Post Op Knee Pain

    Hello, I waited several years after my right TKR to finally go to a revision specialist. He figured out in 10 mins what my original Ortho who did the surgery could not with many visits and tests. My original ortho was not thorough enough to detect the problem, due to the missing angles of the...
  12. Cjackso21

    TKR New knee woes

    I have had issues with leg cramps, especially in summer and after surgeries. I started to add an electrolyte tablet (I used Nuun immunity) and now no cramps for some time. It always happened with new activities. We’ll see after may latest surgery as I add more. I also found when I did get...
  13. Cjackso21

    MUA 10 weeks Post op. TRKR

    Yes, I did after one of my revisions where they did another TKR. But ended up injuring my knee and had to do nothing for 4 more weeks. Had to take 10 weeks off. BUT I did regain my ROM! Glad yours went well!
  14. Cjackso21

    TKR Increased pain 4+ Weeks post op

    I use a pillow between my knees. Had bilateral revisions but found a way to position the pillow to sleep on my side almost a few days after surgery. As for icing, yes, it stiffens up the knee, but gentle stretching gets you back to where it was. Icing is necessary, also with elevation. Good...
  15. Cjackso21

    Revision TKR failed knee replacement

    Hello, I am so sorry for all of your pain and problems with your knee! Makes mine seem easy! I have had many revisions to my right TKR. The first was due to loosening but was a cementless TKR (done because I was 45) which has a higher incidence of loosening. 2nd knee cap loosened again, third...
  16. Cjackso21

    TKR Clips removed today - so much more pain now!

    I had a robotic knee replacement last year. They took the attachments off before I wore up from surgery. Didn’t know why there was stinging and pain as it was wrapped and they didn’t tell me. But the stinging went away fairly quickly. I just had a revision to both knees and now my left is...
  17. Cjackso21

    TKR A Tale of Two Knees - RTKR May 4th, 2021

    That is great to hear! I too had a lot of problems with my right but found a fantastic doctor and he did a revision to replace it (3rd try or so) and what a difference. I did the same thing. Couldnt believe it. Just had one more revision due to so many surgeries and clean up of my left TKR...
  18. Cjackso21

    TKR Emotionally Stuck

    I have had the same feelings, even today! Had a bilateral revision 11 days ago. I am very sure part of my blues are from taking pain medication. I have a hard time with any opioid narcotic. I have been using Tramadol as this is the least of the evils.. I also force myself to do a small task...
  19. Cjackso21

    TKR Plastic Insert Replacement

    Hello, I just had revisions to both of my TKRs (bi-lateral) on 5/14/21. My left was to add a prosthetic knee cap and replace the poly insert (same size, replaced while in there due to the age of my TKR) and my right was to add a thicker insert as my ligaments have stretched due to many...
  20. Cjackso21

    TKR Difficulty learning to walk after TKR

    So sorry for your pain! This site is great as I’ve been using it for years. They prevented me from going to a Orthopedic Surgeon who did not specialize in revisions and had much less surgeries than they should have to become a revision expert. They found a great surgeon who prevented me from...


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