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  1. mcopt

    Ready for number 2

    I thought I had better come back over to this side for a while I am due my second (left) THR via SuperPath on Friday. Had the right done 31st Jan, same procedure/surgeon etc. The right has been so far fantastic very little post op discomfort. Was home in 2 days, driving (safely) after 8 days...
  2. mcopt

    THR Hi, Yearly update

    Woke up this morning head still full of this stupid cold and chest feeling a bit rattly. Decided at midday better phone admissions at hospital explained how I felt really helpful nurse said she would speak to anethasist for opinion about going ahead on Thursday she got back to me within the...
  3. mcopt

    Never too late !

    Bit of hip trivia ! Just chatting with a patient and the subject turned to hips as she watched me limping around my consulting room ! Her mum now 102 and going strong had first hip replaced at 96 followed by the second at age 100 she still goes out walking every day wow.
  4. mcopt

    Surgery postponed !

    I have just received an email from my surgeon's office telling me that because of work being carried out at the hospital he uses he considers it unsafe to use the premises as fire safety could be compromised. This means that my bilateral resurfacing booked for 21st Nov has been postponed with no...
  5. mcopt

    Pre-op exercise?

    I am booked for a bilateral Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure with Mr McMinn on 21st Nov he is happy to do both provided I am doing ok under anaesthetic and I really want to get both done together as couldn't pick which is now worse. I would like to ensure my cardio vascular fitness is as...
  6. mcopt

    Dental work ?

    Hi I am booked for bilateral BHR with Mr McMinn on 21 November. Couple of days ago I broke a piece off a lower back tooth went to dentist for urgent appointment as it was very rough and uncomfortable on tongue. Tooth didn't hurt though he used a temporary filling with no drilling to repair and...
  7. mcopt

    Stopping medication

    I am due to undergo a bilateral Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure by Mr McMinn at the end of November. I have tried to take minimal pain relief to date and find the only ones that work for me are NSAID type medications others don't touch the pain. I have found 1 x50mg diclofenec early...
  8. mcopt

    Hope I have made right decision

    Hi I am fairly new to the forum. Both hips have been getting more painful over the past year or so but the past few weeks has seen a rapid increase in pain and lack of mobility. I need a stick (sticks) to walk most of the time even then I can't get far. Dressing is slow and uncomfortable and so...
  9. mcopt

    What kind of hip though?

    Hi everyone just joined. I find this forum very interesting and informative as well as reassuring. I have been suffering hip pain for past 2 years getting progressively worse. I bit the bullet and went for consultation and x-ray last week. Nothing was helping the pain anymore and my walking and...


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