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  1. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    8 weeks PO tomorrow! I had my check up on Friday, had to travel to london which meant I used a crutch but I try not to use it otherwise. Everyone is very happy with my hip, my ROM is amazing. However my knee is very painful and is not feeling very stable. So I'm now awaiting an MRI for that...
  2. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Seeing him definitely makes me feel better ❤ taking it easy for the next few days though!
  3. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    I use one crutch when I'm outside and I walk normally with it, I wont give that up until I'm not limping that's for sure! It seems to seize up when I sit for too long and cause a lot of pain when I then go to walk but once I've walked for a little bit the pain tends to go away! Maybe I should...
  4. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Thank you! I'm now driving, took myself to see my pony today which was the boost I really needed! Struggling with pain at night again, I get some shooting pains down my leg and a lot of crampy pain, could I be overdoing it? I do think I've probably been doing a bit much for someone who walks...
  5. Rhiannon89

    THR Equestrians out there? LTHR 15th June

    Hiya! After my first THR I was riding again after 2 months, I'm 1 month PO on the second hip now and cant wait to try riding with 2 shiny new hips :)
  6. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    It was what I was named after! :)
  7. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    3 weeks post op and still doing well! I can walk around the flat without a limp now, today I walked 2 miles (with a break in the middle for a coffee!) With one crutch quite happily :) I can get in and out the shower without help too! I had my wound checked and it's all looking good, so just...
  8. Rhiannon89

    THR Starting my recovery journey

    Welcome to the other side! The next 48 hours will probably be quite up and down for you but remember that things will get better! Keep on the pain meds, dont rush anything. If your blood pressure drops dont panic, it happens to most of us. I had a catheter with my first hip so didnt get up...
  9. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    2 weeks post op today and doing well! I dont use crutches in the house, I'm not really taking any painkillers anymore. Just taking each day as it comes :) We are off out today for my boyfriends little boys birthday so I have to get on a train but luckily it's only a short journey but I'm sure...
  10. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Realised I hadnt updated in a while! Came home on Thursday, there was a big mess up with my drugs on discharge, I told everyone that I dont take codeine and they still tried to discharge me with it. Also had the battle of injections vs tablets for blood thinning. I had the tablets last time so I...
  11. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Blood pressure seems to have sorted itself out :) I can now walk on crutches, including getting myself to the bathroom! Trying to keep ahead of my pain now, i refuse to wait until it really hurts to get my relief
  12. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    My blood pressure just will not give up, my pain is fine, and I can move my leg but the moment I sit up to try and go to the loo it drops. I get sick and sweaty and I cant move. The physio helped me to the bathroom yesterday and I was doing great with my frame then all of a sudden I was unable...
  13. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    I'm done! Officially a double hippy! I stayed partially awake, heard lots of hammering but was quite content and spoke to the anaethetist. Was wide awake by the time they were dressing it and by the time I was in recovery the nurses were all asking if I was sure I had anything done! i was so...
  14. Rhiannon89

    THR Terrified of surgery - and it's happening next week

    I completely understand, I'm going in tuesday and although I've been through it before this time seems different and its purely because I have to do it alone. I have to say goodbye to my boyfriend at the door and wont see him again until I'm allowed to be discharged! Such a horrible way to go...
  15. Rhiannon89

    THR THR @ 33

    You're going in the day before me so we can recover together :) I had my first hip done at 29 and am having my second one done at 31. My age just meant I wanted it done sooner rather than later so I could live life to the fullest! I hope this brings you the painfree life you've been yearning...
  16. Rhiannon89

    THR One week to go!

    Hey all, thought I would resurrect this thread now I have a week to go! Well a week tomorrow, I start self isolating tomorrow for a week. I went through quite an anxious period when I first got my appointment but that seems to have passed, I've dug out my toilet seat riser, my grabber and...
  17. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Thanks guys, this forum was invaluable to me last time so I'll definitely be hanging around. Especially now we cant have visitors in hospital, got to keep sane! I'm so glad I know what to expect this time round, makes it a lot less scary :)
  18. Rhiannon89

    THR Missy45 Recovery: Surgery wasn’t so bad!

    Hey Missy! Glad to see you're doing well, the limp is pretty normal, I referred to it as my 'bop' and I didn't stop using a crutch or a cane until the limp went away. I was told it could be the stem settling which gave me a leg length difference but I think my knee wasn't quite strong enough to...
  19. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    I'm baaaaack and I have a surgery date!!!!! I got the call on Friday, apparently I'm on my surgeons high priority list, I go in on the 4th May!!! I was in Subway at the time of the call, jumping up and down whilst my boyfriend had no idea what was going on haha To say I'm happy is an...
  20. Rhiannon89

    THR Rhiannon89's recovery thread

    Hello strangers! It's been a while but I wanted to pop on here to celebrate that I have now been put on the waiting list for my left hip, I will be a double hippy finally! Been a long wait to finally see my surgeon, i cant express how happy I was to see him this morning. I knew I would finally...


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