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    Revision THR clicking sensation

    Clicking can be caused by ligaments, muscles sliding over an metal work (wires if used) or bone spurs due to ossification. Generally nothing to worry about. No harm to mention it to the surgeon on annual check ups
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    Hip revision

    Danni, Good to hear a good news story in recession hit Ireland. You health is your wealth.
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    Hip revision

    Re: post op walking Nice one danni, no stopping you know. I had my 17 year review on bilaterals (got them done at 20 years of age, 1994), they are still well cemented, with some polyetylene wear, but the surgeon recons their good for another 5 years at least. He called in a heap of...
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    Hip revision

    Danni, Thats great news, you will have Rory McIlroy firmly on your radar in the near future. It's great to hear a good revision surgery story. It's hard to keep the Irish down. Well Done
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    Possible hip revision

    After a week of rest, the pain resolved itself. Follow up X Rays showed nothing suspicious. All the consultant said to me was "Jaysus, you were very young to have you hips replaced."
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    Possible hip revision

    Hi Josephine, I'm on Solpadol for pain relief and dicloofenac (75 mgs twice daily) as an anti inflammatory, I'm sleeping a bit better but still get the darting pain every now and then. I was on difene gel before, but little or no relief. Funny thing is there is no real pain around the...
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    Possible hip revision

    Hello All, I am a new member. Quick synopsis of my hip history. Bilateral hip replacements in 1994 because of juvenile RA that had essentially ankylosed my hips by the time I was 20. Both were cemented Charnley LFA's performed with trochanteric osteotomy. Recovery was quick (3 to 4 months) and...


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