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  1. J

    THR 7 days post-op RTHR

    Everything has been ok so far. About 3 days post op I had an emotional melt down, freaked my poor hubby out! I'm not usually emotional but I felt so helpless, I just couldn't hold it in. Luckily it was a short term episode and have felt good since. I was going to try to work from home...
  2. J

    THR Today's the Day!

    Okay. Getting ready to head to the hospital. Thought I would go ahead get my recovery thread started. See you all on the other side!
  3. J

    Nervous but happy!

    Hello all. Wanted to introduce myself. My surgery is next Wednesday, the 21st of June. I am nervous but so ready to get this done. I am having the anterior approach and love everything I am reading about it. I have learned a lot today reading everyone's posts, both pre-op and post-op. I...


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