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  1. Rockgirl4

    OATS Microfracture

    Each of my microfracture were easily 3 month recoveries. I tend to swell a lot anyway, and I definitely rebound swell when I go back to strength training too quickly. The 4-6 wks of non weightbearing does a number on your quads and hamstrings too. I'm lucky that I've had 11 knee surgeries to...
  2. Rockgirl4

    TKR Odd sensations

    I'm almost 9 months post-op and still have lots of swelling and tightness. We've been packing our current home the last 2 weeks and move this weekend. I haven't been able to ride my exercise bike easily for the last 2 weeks because of the extra swelling. I've stopped forcing it and am waiting to...
  3. Rockgirl4

    OATS Microfracture

    I've had 3 Microfractures total between each knee. I was always able to knee afterwards.
  4. Rockgirl4

    OATS recovery to play sports again

    I can't help with CPM usage, as they have gone out of favor with most TKR surgeons and many other surgeons as well. My procedure was long and complicated back in 2015, so things have changed considerably. I can't even say the CPM did me any favors really. I'd definitely ask your surgeon for...
  5. Rockgirl4

    OATS recovery to play sports again

    Just something to consider once you start rehab. I ended up with adhesions in my quadriceps muscle, though I was using a CPM machine 6-8 hrs a day following a different type of big knee surgery (ACI). I ended up with an MUA anyway, but it busted up lots of quad adhesions instead of "knee"...
  6. Rockgirl4

    MUA One Step at a Time

    This has happened to me after numerous knee surgeries when my quad wasn't back to full strength. I don't know how you feel about exercising, but I had to do a lot of leg lifts and other quad-strengthening exercises to stop the "giving out" of the knee. Within 2-3 weeks, I noticed a huge difference.
  7. Rockgirl4

    TKR Am I The Only One

    Sitting leg lifts are extremely hard on your thighs/hips. I have lower back issues and do a ton of core stretches/exercises, outside of TKR "stuff." Even then, my "back" PT told me to NEVER do sitting leg lifts. It's hard on all of your lower body and doesn't accomplish anything that can't be...
  8. Rockgirl4

    TKR 11weeks post tkr

    My surgeon was very strict in having me ride my stationary bike for ONLY 5 minutes, and ONLY 1 time a day. That's it!! He told me to keep this up even at 6 months post-op, as I continue to have issues with rebound swelling. Anything over 5-6 minutes can keep the knee angry and inflamed. I was...
  9. Rockgirl4

    TKR Julia1911's TKR Pre-op questions

    I'm pretty sure I had to wait until Day 7 to shower. I can't remember why. Personally, my pain was so horribly controlled that I didn't care to skip the shower at that point. :)
  10. Rockgirl4

    TKR TKR Pre-op questions

    I'm just commenting on the clicking/catching you were asking about above. I also had loads of catching/clicking before my TKR, as the bone spurs on both sides of my knee caused my knee to catch in certain positions, making me force my knee to "unstick" from certain positions. I had had 7...
  11. Rockgirl4

    TKR Rich13hvr recovery

    @Rich13hvr It all depends on who you're calling "the people in the know!" :) My TKR surgeon was of the Bonesmart philosophy, and I know 2 PTs who are more Bonesmart-ish than most. It just took me awhile to come across them. :) I was confident enough to NOT let my PT rush my range of motion...
  12. Rockgirl4

    Hyaluronic Acid Injections

    My insurance was still willing to pay for it through 2019, So I received a set of 3 injections every 6 months. I did this in both knees for the last 3 years. I never noticed a change in the pain or discomfort, only the instability. My knees didn't grind and creak nearly as much after the...
  13. Rockgirl4

    TKR Looking for guidance

    Pre-Op flexion is a good indicator of post-op flexion, but definitely not a guarantee. Many here have found their TKR didn't miraculously fix their limited bending. It might improve it some, but one has to go in with no great expectations. Keep in mind though that many here DID gain a lot...
  14. Rockgirl4

    Bilateral TKR DREADING BTKR....

    I would seriously rethink going back to work in 4 wks if possible. Many of the threads in our Recovery Area have to do with people struggling to go back to work after 4-6 wks. It is a very common complaint, and one people say they are often ill-advised about. This is often after a single TKR...
  15. Rockgirl4

    TKR Total Left Knee Replacement

    @Jockette Just a wink and a nod to you each time I read about your knee loosening up into the 2nd year post-op. You give me hope every time. :angel::thankyou:
  16. Rockgirl4

    TKR Total Left Knee Replacement

    @flacie1 At 9-10 weeks post-op, it is VERY common to still have LOTS of daily pain....and for some of us, it was ALL the time.:hairpulling: Most will agree it's not as severe as right after surgery. Most will also agree it gets less each week.....but MANY are not pain-free for months to come...
  17. Rockgirl4

    TKR A positive surgery report

    Are you talking about a PRP injection where they used your blood, spun down the platelets in a centrifuge, then injected that back in? It's been suggested they help with healing, but they never did much for me after former knee surgeries. I had one in an elbow once with no improvement at all. :(...
  18. Rockgirl4

    TKR Odd sensations

    @WomanOfGrace I'm still struggling with stiffness, swelling, and some discomfort at 7.5 months. I knew it would be a long recovery, but I get tired of reminding myself what I already knew----this could take 12+ months. Many here find a good "normal" by the 6 month mark, but I've seen enough...
  19. Rockgirl4

    TKR I just scheduled my second TKR (left)

    I really struggled with shoes after my TKR last May. I could only wear high-end athletic shoes until the 6-month mark. Anything like a dress shoe or boot with little cushion was AWFUL for my entire right leg and the knee. It's improved over the last 4-6 wks (I'm just over the 7 month post-op...
  20. Rockgirl4

    TKR Getting upset

    No, it is not too late to get more range of motion. Many people find their range of motion continues to improve the entire first year after recovery. This is a 12-month recovery, though many were not told that before the surgery. There is no "window of opportunity" to get your motion back. My...

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