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  1. Calgal

    THR When will I be able to walk unaided?

    Please don't try to hobble...it won't make (force) you to walk quicker or better, just give you a rotten gait to overcome later. :bignono: My PT always said to use the crutch as long as you need to so as NOT to limp. When you're strong enough (and those glute muscles DO need time to get...
  2. Calgal

    Revision THR Hope for 2020, Revised THR

    Great news! Can't find an emjoi with a big enough smile to express how happy I am for you! :yes!::loveshwr::egypdance:Enjoy your newfound freedom without cane, but remember it's still your faithful friend when you get tired late at night and need a little something to lean on. :yes:. You're...
  3. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Whew! What a relief no DVT! :happydance: I was worried for you. So glad it's just good old normal hip replacement aches and pains (in lots of other places than the hip, as you now know!) to get through. :groan: Knees seem to be particularly problematic for many. So thankful I didn't ride that...
  4. Calgal

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    @Westy you might want the staff here to change your 'label' to hip infection (from THR) so others can find your story in the filters. @Izabel has been on a long road too and she is such a great example of positive mental outlook getting her through. Just a thought.
  5. Calgal

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    Wow, what an ordeal! :yikes: The mental strain is every bit as challenging as the physical. But you got it attended to quickly and now you're in the road to recovery. Try to stay strong, westy, all us bonesmarties are behind you!!:console2:
  6. Calgal

    THR Mayhip8's recovery thread

    We're still hanging on to our hats tonight here in wet Worcestershire! It's been a horrid day. Wow what a storm! :yikes: NEVER seen one like it here in 17 years. My poor chickens just retired back to their henhouse for most of the day. Glad @ChrissyW hasn't washed away. Hope your year improves...
  7. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    I took my full dose of pain pills and paracetamol before I went to bed religiously (even phased out pain pills by just taking them at night toward the end). Sleep is precious for healing and luckily I managed ok, but I'm a good sleeper. Even if you're cutting down, don't skimp on the nighty...
  8. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Lovvvvvvvvvve my grabbers! Moved one out to the greenhouse to retrieve pesky little things that fall behind the staging. I still keep one in the laundry room to fish out flattened items from washer. But the toilet seat risers are banished to the attic for the next THR. :giggle:
  9. Calgal

    THR THR tell me about your recovery

    Sounds like you've been a busy boy Eman! Can relate to the miscellaneous aches after activity....did a bit of gardening today, not particularly strenuous I thought, but multiple body parts are squeaking. Hobbled a bit after sitting and watching TV tonight so hopefully the paracetamol I just...
  10. Calgal

    THR Mayhip8's recovery thread

    Oh my, mayhip!!! :holysheep: Sending hugs and hoping for some answers from doc for you. I vote lasagna and mashed potatoes for tea tonight.:thumb:
  11. Calgal

    THR THR after failed femoral neck fracture pinning

    I think ALL of those PT exercises are too much too soon for a posterior THR! Eeks!!! :yikes:. I'm amazed they were even in your hospital booklet! . Check out the Bonesmart activity progression and walk, ice, elevate. You'll recover with few to no setbacks if you don't overdo at any point. You...
  12. Calgal

    THR Struggling with Same Pain as before THR

    Absolutely rubbish! Don't let that turkey get you down. You're with friends here who know reality. :friends:
  13. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Sounding good! I found some scribble notes today from early in my recovery...I had actually measured my leg circumference, just above the knee, on both legs to compare when the swelling got bad! :shocked:. I got worried and just wanted to track how bad it really was, and follow when it started...
  14. Calgal

    THR BruceH After THR Recovery

    If you can clamber into your truck at barely a month I'm well impressed! :wow:. You seem to be doing super and I hope you continue to sail through this hip journey. :fingersx:
  15. Calgal

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Sigh. I can so relate! When I hit 3 months and was well enough to start more activity, I realized this whole THR experience had really shaken my confidence. I felt positively fragile, for the first time in my life. I didn't want to hurt my precious hip. I was SO protective and cautious at first...
  16. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Ahh, shower days. :loveshwr: Sooo nice but I was remembering just the other day that it was a major ordeal at first. I was so exhausted I had to sit down and rest a couple of times before I finished drying my hair and doing a small slap of mascara and under eye concealer. It was a huge...
  17. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Day 3 was a turnaround for me too! :yes!: I also went home, then major log leg / swelling kicked in till the end of the first week. But then, really started to see good progress, with the usual ups and downs and blues mixed in. No doubt about it, the first 7 days were definitely slug like and...
  18. Calgal

    THR Hipster64's Recovery Thread

    Well done you for getting back to work and moving on with life after all the insurance hassles. :groan: I took early SS retirement about 5 months before my op and haven't missed a minute of workplace politics. Sometimes have nightmares about work...that's a sign it was time to go! Leaving...
  19. Calgal

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    It's over! Sorry to hear about pain and nausea, but I'm confident they will both be under control very soon. I ate like no tomorrow straight after but my issue for 3 days was low blood pressure causing dizziness whenever I tried to get up....so mostly rested except for PT twice a day (if I...
  20. Calgal

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Way to go, poster boy!! :yes!::dancy::spin::yay:Congratulations and continued happy healing to you.

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