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    Bilateral TKR Loose ligaments

    Hello I had bilateral TKR in 2015 and was doing generally well. Right knee perfect. Left knee issues on and off. I have weakness. It was gone out from under me when I'm walking. Last year I dislocated it 3 times in a matter of 2 weeks. Worst of all I wasn't doing anything when it happened. I was...
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    Kneecaps need replacing 2+ years post-op?

    I went through a double knee replacement 2½ yrs ago. The past year and half I have been having severe pain on my left knee on the outer side of the knee cap. If I walk longer than an hour, do stairs or if I sit and let my leg in a hanging position. I have also had issues of late with my leg...
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    Hello I had BTKR on Jan 29th. Here in Canada we don't go to rehab after I spent 8 days in the hospital some partly due to the pain medication side effects namely severe constipation. My left knee is my problem child also. Today it is giving me more trouble. Not sure if I am brewing an infection...

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