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    TKR Julia1911's Recovery Thread

    1 Week Out - Good, bad and Ugly to post (still needing afternoon naps), but today just feeling really down. Every day I think I'm making progress, then more pains in different places, new/additional swelling, and worried about next one because hubby has been clearly overwhelmed but he does not...
  2. J

    TKR Julia1911's TKR Pre-op questions

    Some last minute worrisome questions (going into surgery next Monday): How soon can I shower? Know this is trivial, but . . . Can I walk with a walker at home so I can get to bathroom on my own? Can't use crutches because have severe arthritis in both hands (had 2 hand surgeries already) and...
  3. J

    TKR Custom-Fit vs Standard TKR?

    Has anyone had a standard knee replacement and then a custom-fitted one and preferred one versus the other or had more pain with one versus the other? I need to decide quickly. Thanks.

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