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  1. Bionic woman2

    PKR Need HELP with Long Term & Short Term Disabiity Pay

    **** UPDATE*** I just change my thread title because I need info on the legalities of Short term and long-term disability. Below is a little background as to why I now need long-term disability. You can jump down to the post on January 18th to get right into that. Thanks*** Hey all, I went back...
  2. Bionic woman2

    Has anyone had their other knee done with 90 days of the first knee?

    Hi everybody, I had a Partial Knee Replacement done on my Right knee 8 weeks ago (6/18) and I'm scheduled to have my left knee done on 9/18/13. This something I have to do at this time, so putting it off is not an option. Funny thing is, even though this the HARDEST thing I've ever done... I'm...
  3. Bionic woman2

    PKR Oops, I did it again...Round 2 complete!

    I had Partial Knee Replacement on my right knee 5 weeks ago. I'm healing slowly but surely. At least that's what the "they people" say. I say it too sometimes and there are the times I just wanna know, when will I wake up without feeling like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day w/a double feature of...


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