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    [THR] Anybody with Depuy hips recalled?

    First of all, I am male. I'm not sure how I became a female.haha I was contacted about a year after the surgery by DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) that the ASR hip system was recalled (I may be wrong by calling it resurfacing). I've had minor issues with inflammation and soreness until recently. My...
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    [THR] Anybody with Depuy hips recalled?

    I need some advice. I had several blood test for chromium and cobalt which the level are somewhat high. I know I feel more tired than normal. My doctors are no help. I think they feel they might be implicated in a law suit. So little advice or knowledge on their behalf. I'm 55 and almost 4 years...
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    10 months post surgery

    It was a little rough having both hips resurfaced at the same time. But I have no regrets. My hips feel great. I had a great physical therapist Patty Brown. I worked my butt off in the gym and I highly recommend taking yoga or stretch classes after PT. I never picture myself ( ex football...
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    Bilateral resurfacing

    I'm having a bilateral resurfacing on feb. 24. My doctor says I am his first patient to have a bilateral resurfacing. Dr. Matta ( St. john's Hospital-Santa Monica,Ca) has performed many bilateral THR but what I've read and researched the resurfacing seem like it would be a better option. Dr...
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    Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

    My doctor recommended the Birmingham hip resurfacing. He also recommended that I not have a double resurfacing at the same time. He said I'm physically a good patient for the procedure and the 10 year results of the surgery have been excellent. I should be able to enjoy the activities (skiing...
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    Double HRS at the same time?

    I was curious if anyone has had a double HRS at the same time. Would you recommend it? I really want to go through PT once and get back to work ASAP.

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