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    THR BigDon on the other side!

    The other side. Thanks to all of you for the well wishes and the advice. Every bit of it helped. I arrived at 6:30am yesterday morning and was admitted straight away. I was in the waiting bay just after 7 and greeted by anaesthetist who administered feel good drugs and carted me into theatre...
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    THR Returning to Golf post THR

    Howdy I have a right THR coming up in May. I'm 33 and a keen golfer. My surgeon has told me that returning to golf will be no issue and strolling the courses a welcomed form of exercise. Along with that he has operated on many golfers who post surgery have said they are able to complete a full...
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    THR THR @ 33

    Howdy I found out in April 2020 that I needed to replace my right hip. Moving on to nearly a year later, my health insurance has ticked over and I am scheduled for surgery start of May. I have a background of hip problems and surgeries to remedy, labral tears, impingement,cartilage...
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    THR 1st THR - 32 - Right hip

    Hi Guys This is my first thread in a forum of any kind. I am desperate to get some feedback in regards to all aspects of THR and also if my history of hip troubles aligns with any of you. I am about to have my 33rd birthday and yesterday i was told by my hip surgeon that i require a THR of my...


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