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  1. NewHip19

    [THR] Not sure if this is normal fatigue

    Hi KathyD I went back to work early too, at 3 weeks but worked from home 3/5 days until about 5 weeks. I didn't have that much of a commute, but I was extremely tired. I'd come home drained and go to bed early. I also wondered if it "wasn't normal, " but finally I realized, hey, you've been...
  2. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    All clear! Got xrays and saw my operating surgeon on Thursday. While waiting in the examining room, I took a picture of the new xray (conveniently displayed on his desktop) and compared it with the photo I'd taken of my 7 week follow-up xray. They were exactly the same, so I knew right then and...
  3. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    thanks for checking in @Layla I had a great 7 week follow-up, surgeon said I was ahead of the game. I got back to doing everything pretty normally, but then this past Friday I had a misstep going down the stairs in my house and dropped 2 steps down, onto my operated leg with full weight. Pain...
  4. NewHip19

    [THR] Granny6's recovery thread

    Good for you, @Granny6 - that is fantastic that your pain level is low and you are sleeping well. Both those things are SO important, way to go! Sounds like you are doing well with your mobility, too. Wishing you a continued smooth recovery :)
  5. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    @Jaycey yes, I did look through those and found some helpful tips. One helpful tip was, "right now it's about you, it's not about him," which applies to my situation as hubby is so eager to resume that I now feel pressured. At the same time, I don't feel ready yet but feel bad that I don't as I...
  6. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    Thanks for following up and noting my one month anniversary @Layla I'm continuing to do well and make progress on my mobility. I've been practicing walking without the cane indoors and doing slightly longer walks in the city with the gain. My main concern right now is that I would like to be...
  7. NewHip19

    [THR] Granny6's recovery thread

    Sounds like things are going great so far for you, @Granny6! I hope all continues to go well. My only advice is to keep things positive (like it sounds like you are doing) and avoid becoming a member of the Overdoers Club!
  8. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    Progress Update - at 3 weeks, 4 days after surgery I am feeling pretty good. I'm walking with cane only and periodically walk short distances without it. I can drive and now have reached another milestone. I'm completely off opiods. I had not taken any for a few days but had a bit of a crisis...
  9. NewHip19

    [THR] THR 3 weeks out

    @smokey1, sounds like FL is a much better place for you to be right now! I can relate, as I hope to begin swimming when the weather gets warmer (can't stand going out into the cold after being in a nice warm pool). I'd also like to get back to the seated elliptical again, as that helped so much...
  10. NewHip19

    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    @luvinlex totally agree about how accomplishing small chores can make such a difference. Keeping spirits up is quite a process, and that has been very helpful for me as well. Glad you had someone around to support you in that way. @Korky51, I'm not surprised that in the UK there is a lot of...
  11. NewHip19

    [THR] One week post op

    Julie, I agree with @Eman85 that advancements in recovery help a lot with feeling better about things. One thing that has helped me is to celebrate each milestone, no matter how small. For example I am so proud of myself when I can make a simple meal for my husband and me. It makes me feel like...
  12. NewHip19

    [THR] Bickypeg's new hip

    @1stSurgery @bickypeg that pumpkin puree sounds worth trying! I will look for it on my next trip to the grocery store....um...I mean, my first trip to the grocery store after surgery :) Would that typically be found in the baking supplies aisle?
  13. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    @GrannyC You are so right about this forum! I find that each time I go back to the guidelines the mods post, I learn more. And, the support of other members really buoys my spirits--something else to be grateful for and take in "for the journey."
  14. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    thank you, @prairienut - over many years (now more than half my life) I have become thoroughly convinced that keeping a positive attitude even when things seem soooooo hard is the only way to go!
  15. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    @Debru thanks, yes I am very fortunate with work in that I can work from home whenever I want (even meetings are phone or web conferences). One thing I learned from yesterday is that walking on sidewalks and pavements is very different than walking inside the house. So, I'm going to gradually...
  16. NewHip19

    [THR] New here Help<

    @Tesjohn I agree completely that PT can be helpful for some people and situations but not all. I had PT for months when diagnosed with spinal stenosis 2 years ago, and while it helped at first, after that, I felt that they pushed too hard. It didn't seem right that I always felt worse afterward...
  17. NewHip19

    [THR] NewHip19's Recovery Journey

    Great cane story, Debru--and good for your son-in-law! Seems the younger generation is not so tied to stereotypes of male/female styles. Thanks for the encouraging words. I drove into work and was able to stick around for 5 hours. I pushed the envelope a little but felt good. I am gradually...
  18. NewHip19

    ForumUser Observations

    ForumUser, you make some interesting points. I think you are spot on about the weight loss. Personally I have decided that one of the best things I can do for myself and for my future (as I go further into my late 60s and then 70s and I hope, beyond), is to keep my weight down and even lose more...
  19. NewHip19

    [THR] Hip2019's recovery thread

    Hi Hip2019, I agree with your assessment that I've been too active trying to take load off 80 yr. Old husband. I got pretty intense pain in my buttock after overdoing things. In my case, it was using the cane full time instead of gradually going from walker to cane. A full day (maybe more) of...
  20. NewHip19

    [THR] So much pain after 8 months

    I can relate completely to these feelings. For me, the ups and downs have more to do with my outlook than with specific physical causes. Of course, after overdoing and then being in pain, it's natural to feel down. But, I find the ups and downs to be part of an ongoing cycle. I am not out of...

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