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  1. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Hi lovely people, just a quick question! I’m 12 weeks knee recovery and for the past week I have had terrible restless legs , tossing and turning and having to move my legs every 10 seconds!! Just wondering if it’s common after full knee replacement surgery or it’s just me
  2. amos1967

    Revision TKR Wrong Parts used<

    Hi roberto, may I ask what sort of problems you encountered and how did you know something wasn’t right .. pain , walking etc ? Thanks , Amos .
  3. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Hi jaycey yes I’m icing 3 times a day , also tramadol 4 hourly and codeine also ! Thanks .
  4. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Hi lovely people, does anyone have excruciating pain on front top of tibia when walking ? I have to stop after 60 yards as I’m in soo much pain .. I also try and walk with leg completely straight and not to walk naturally with ankle freely as my knee kicks and moves outwards resulting in much...
  5. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Hi karriB I’m down to one crutch but it’s just hurting after about 60 yards Thanks soo much mojo333 x
  6. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Hiya my knee op was 18/04/19 thank you soo much x
  7. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Ahh thank you Benay that’s very kind Hi thanks jockette that’s very kind and thank you Ahh thanks jockette that’s very kind thanks
  8. amos1967

    TKR amos1967 in recovery

    Hi lovely people , what a fabulous forum I’ve found , it’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling, and it’s a normal recovery process! I’m really struggling to walk as it hurts soo much after about 60 yards! Also everyone has noticed that when I walk my knee actually twists outwards when...

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