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  1. Merrykaye

    TKR hello all- I have a couple recovery questions...

    hello all. i am writing from a rehab facility. my ltkr was last Tuesday (10/16). all went will and i stayed in the hospital three nights - i have been here in rehab since last Friday. anyway, i have two concerns....first, i have had a recurring fever.no one has seemed too concerned about...
  2. Merrykaye

    Hello everyone - I am back and definitely having LTKR this time..

    Hello all. I have been on these boards a few times with scheduled and cancelled knee replacement surgeries (four total) due to an ongoing workers' compensation case. I am relieved to say that the total knee replacement of my left knee has formally been approved and surgery is set for October...
  3. Merrykaye

    No surgery for me

    I have had three different surgery dates for a total replacement of my left knee. Due to the fact that I have a workers' compensation claim and have had to attend multiple hearings to figure out who pays what, the surgery has been re-scheduled three times. I was pretty confident that the most...
  4. Merrykaye

    Hello all - looking for some advice...

    I have been on and off this forum. I saw my OS in February and scheduled a total replacement of my left knee, however, due to complications with a workers' compensation case, I have had to reschedule a few times. I will be going to a hearing this week to (hopefully) get clearance for an August...
  5. Merrykaye

    Advice about a leg elevation wedge?

    Hello all. I have been reading the posts and have read Josephine's article about leg elevation after surgery and I am wondering if I could get some feedback about what you recommend. Pillows? Leg elevating wedge? Brand, dimensions, etc. Anyone have any preference or advice? If I get a...
  6. Merrykaye

    I am so upset with myself...may I vent???

    I am so frustrated and I hope it is ok to start a thread and tell what is going on and just VENT....I have scheduled a TKR of the left knee on June 18th but I am not sure it is going to happen. I tore my cartilage back in the 70's playing field hockey in school. Had it repaired, back then...
  7. Merrykaye

    TKR scheduled for June 18th and getting cold feet...

    Hello all - I am new to this forum. I am a 54-year old female with a bad left knee - my first surgery was in 1973 for a torn meniscus before arthriscopic surgery! 3 surgeries to the left knee after that for torn meniscus and a lateral release. Unlike many posts I read, I am NOT in continual...

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