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  1. Merrykaye

    TKR hello all- I have a couple recovery questions...

    i am in a rehab facility and am going to pt twice per day. they are literally pushing for rom and i can't seem to get past 80 degrees. one of the therapists told me that it is going to hurt and it. has been insinuated that i am not working hard enough! i am quite frustrated. thank you for...
  2. Merrykaye

    TKR hello all- I have a couple recovery questions...

    hello all. i am writing from a rehab facility. my ltkr was last Tuesday (10/16). all went will and i stayed in the hospital three nights - i have been here in rehab since last Friday. anyway, i have two concerns....first, i have had a recurring fever.no one has seemed too concerned about...
  3. Merrykaye

    2012 October Feisties - Are you having knee surgery in October?

    I have not posted lately - still having my LTKR this Tuesday. I have been trying to keep myself busy wrapping things up at work (I am taking Monday the 15th off so tomorrow is my lat day :)) and trying to get myself and my family organized for when I am in the hospital. I guess I am just trying...
  4. Merrykaye

    oct 17 for knee replacement..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Congratulations Omybones! Best of luck to you! Karen
  5. Merrykaye

    Can't Sleep

    Hi Redbird - this is the very best place to get support and encouragement. I am having my knee replacement on October 16th and I am nervous also - I think it is to be expected. Best of luck to you - please post when you are feeling up to it. Karen
  6. Merrykaye

    Hello everyone - I am back and definitely having LTKR this time..

    Yes - I hear you, Josephine - I definitely do not want to go there. If not addressed, the arthritis just gets worse and affects more areas. My back and hips are bothering me as well and I do think that it has to do with my odd gait from the bad knee. He father-in-law tells me that he was...
  7. Merrykaye

    Hello everyone - I am back and definitely having LTKR this time..

    I completely agree Kathy...when I start to worry and become jittery about this surgery, I have been asking...what is the alternative? I stop my doubtful thoghts because I really don't want to continue doing this - I have become less and less active and really hadn't recognized it. I am...
  8. Merrykaye

    2012 October Feisties - Are you having knee surgery in October?

    I see I am on the list - thank you Jamie! I am still on board for a 10/16 left knee replacement. Best of luck to all!!!
  9. Merrykaye

    Hello everyone - I am back and definitely having LTKR this time..

    Thank you golfer and Kathy. With the surgery finally happening, I am finding myself on this site more frequently to read the various posts and available information in the Library area. I can, however, feel the worry and anxiety starting. This is such a HUGE commitment and I always seem to have...
  10. Merrykaye

    Hello everyone - I am back and definitely having LTKR this time..

    Jamie, Sonja, Elsie, Clovergirl, bottomshollow & Jacky - THANK YOU!! :thankyou: I appreciate your congrats and well wishes. Clovergirl - I am sure we will be having sleepless nights and I would love a recovery buddy. I am preparing for a LONG, difficult road but I have to believe that this...
  11. Merrykaye

    Hello everyone - I am back and definitely having LTKR this time..

    Hello all. I have been on these boards a few times with scheduled and cancelled knee replacement surgeries (four total) due to an ongoing workers' compensation case. I am relieved to say that the total knee replacement of my left knee has formally been approved and surgery is set for October...
  12. Merrykaye

    No surgery for me

    Thank you all for the words of support and encouragement. Everything will work out in the end, I know. I will definitely remain on these message boards and look forward to continuing to share with all of you nice people.
  13. Merrykaye

    No surgery for me

    I have had three different surgery dates for a total replacement of my left knee. Due to the fact that I have a workers' compensation claim and have had to attend multiple hearings to figure out who pays what, the surgery has been re-scheduled three times. I was pretty confident that the most...
  14. Merrykaye

    Hello all - looking for some advice...

    I will call and inform the OS tomorrow. Thanks so much for the advice. Karen
  15. Merrykaye

    Hello all - looking for some advice...

    Thank you very much Josephine. The numbness and tingling is just starting - I have noticed it during the past week or two. Hopefully, we can get the knee replaced and hope that this will subside in time... Would you recommend that I advise the doc that this is going on, or should it not...
  16. Merrykaye

    Hello all - looking for some advice...

    I have been on and off this forum. I saw my OS in February and scheduled a total replacement of my left knee, however, due to complications with a workers' compensation case, I have had to reschedule a few times. I will be going to a hearing this week to (hopefully) get clearance for an August...
  17. Merrykaye

    When did you go back to work?

    Hello Kelly! I am scheduled for 8/27. My surgeon told me that I could be out as long as three months. I am hoping to get back in 1-1/2 to 2 months, but I will play it by ear. As you said, everyone is different so it is tough to predict. Karen
  18. Merrykaye

    Postponed :-(

    Hello Kathy - I am sorry to hear about your postponement - my surgery has been postponed and I am on my third re-schedule. I not far behind you - August 27th. Like you, I am also not in tons of pain. Stairs are rough, but walking is not painful. When doctors look at my MRI's and x-rays...
  19. Merrykaye

    Doubting Kathy

    Kathy, I am also bone-on-bone do not really suffer on a day-to-day basis. I walk with a "hitch" and take the stairs one-by-one. Every blue moon, however, something sets off a "flare up" and I am ready to drive to the hospital and request a knee replacement on the spot. After babying it for...
  20. Merrykaye

    August Hot Shots 2012 - Are You Having Knee Surgery in August?

    I have had to re-schedule a couple times now due to complications with Workers' Comp. insurance. I have been told I should be cleared for an August 27th surgery. I am hopeful that I can finally get the left knee replaced on August 27th!! Karen

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