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  1. nanamac

    THR Third Time's The Charm!

    Well, I am six weeks into recovery of my third hip replacement on my right hip. I think I can safely say third time's the charm. It has been a horrific ride for almost four years. It all started with a missed fractured femur on 3/19/10 during my original hip replacement and a revision two weeks...
  2. nanamac

    Bilateral THR So, what now? Three years later and so it goes on and on

    I just don't know where to go next. I have NOT wanted to post for fear of REALLY scaring new hippies, but truth is, life is NOT good after some THR's! I am in terrible pain 24/7 and after 6 OS's opinions, (BOYS CLUB?) NOTHING is wrong! Meanwhile, My leg is still 1/2 " longer on #1, done...
  3. nanamac

    Number of posts?

    My number of posts is stuck at 3728. It hasn't changed since I don't know when...just noticed.
  4. nanamac

    Bonesmart Bot in Thread

    Can you PLEASE put my name "nanamac" under my thread title and NOT Bonesmart Bot. I couldn't even find my own thread so how would anyone else? Thanks
  5. nanamac

    Not A Revision Thread

    There is a new thread in the Hip Recovery section by Juan that is mistakenly labeled a Revision thread. It is a replacement only, not a revision...
  6. nanamac

    Avatar problems?

    I have been trying to change my avatar pic but it is not allowing me to. I have been trying for 2 days. I am not doing anything different than I have ever done. Is there a bug or something? Thanks
  7. nanamac

    Knee thread in Hip recovery threads?

    There is a thread in Hip Recovery by "babymomma" that just showed up today. I read thru a bit and it is supposed to be in Knee recovery. Am I losing it and didn't read thru enough?
  8. nanamac

    Question about Tramadol

    Does anyone know how many and how often can you take Tramadol? I have a prescription of 50mg tablets, and my Rheumatologist said I could take 2 tablets at a time....for another reason. Since it is the weekend, I can't reach him and wondered how often they can be taken and if taking them with...
  9. nanamac

    Social Room

    I notice that there are not many new members that go on the Social Room and I just wanted to take it upon myself to invite you all to take a look. It has been a real fun and informative place where anything and everything UNREALTED to our knees and hips are discussed (ok, sometimes they do...
  10. nanamac

    THR Lindawalms Is On Her Way...

    Hi all. Just heard from Linda. She is in pre-op holding and they had no trouble giving her an IV this morning. She still wants the PICC line when she in under anesthesia but the OS wasn't sure about it now. She is really wanting it though... He also thinks after much consideration he may...
  11. nanamac

    Probably a Silly Question

    I had my THR almost 16 months ago. Yesterday I got a splint for my hand because of a wrist problem. Long story short, last night I stabbed my splinted finger with a knife while cutting vedgies :DOH:. It did bleed some, but just a bit of a jab. I just washed it off, didn't even need a...
  12. nanamac

    Revision THR Nanamac's story - Part 2

    It was a year ago today that I found the wonderful people of BoneSmart and I can't say thank you enough. Mine has not been an easy recovery, still isn't, but I hate to think of what it would have been like without the support of Jo, Jamie, Jaycey and a mass of wonderful, caring members. As you...
  13. nanamac

    New BoneSmartie Club...Apply Now!

    Hey all Hippies! The Kneesies are way ahead in membership in the new Clubhouse. Come on guys, what have you got to lose? If you don't like it you can always resign! All you really need to do to become/stay a member is have a 6 month membership in the Forum and post 5 times a week in any of the...
  14. nanamac


    My smiley's aren't posting again...is it just me? or is there a bug?
  15. nanamac

    One year for me too!

    I just realized that today was April 6th and it is the anniversary of my THRevision. And what a year it has been... I am not a person who sailed smoothly thru this, in fact it's been kind of a shipwreck. I must admit, I don't know that I'm even out of the woods yet. I know that I'm certainly...
  16. nanamac

    Who Knew?

    It's been a crazy month so I've not posted very much, yet I have been following along on a daily basis. Where do I begin... It all started with a visit ot my new OS who I was very impressed with. He suggested wearing a small lift in my shoe to take care of my limp and to see if it helped...
  17. nanamac

    Saw My New OS Today - Yippee!

    It has been a while since I wrote much of anything here. Got tired of listening to myself, so I figured you were too. It has also been a very frustrating and painful last year. Certainly not the outcome I expected. It has also been hard hearing all the success stories and wondering why me...
  18. nanamac

    Thigh Pain Worse Than Ever

    Well, today was awful. The ache in my thigh was pretty constant and nothing helped. I took the percocet 5mg 2x's, about 3 hrs apart and then a 7.5 left over from a foot procedure in December this evening :cry1:. I spoke with my GP after this and she wants me to STOP taking the percocet and...
  19. nanamac

    Ongoing problems

    Well Jo, Armymom, my revision was 2 1/2 weeks after my TRHR as you know, because of the femur fracture. I am still not right almost 9 months out. I tried going up the stairs today as a normal person would and now am hurting again...:th_skeptical:. I've been going up and down like a toddler as...
  20. nanamac

    The Saga Goes On...

    :th_skeptical: Well, I haven't started a thread about my on going saga for a while now so here's the latest... I told you in Leslie's "Flying" thread about jury Duty on Tuesday and setting off the alarms...:th_blush: Last Friday I had to have two big ingrown toenails treated at the foot...

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