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  1. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    Saw the Doctor's Assistant today, had more xrays. he really checked my knee out and then went and confered with my doctor and he told me that there is nothing wrong with my knee (yeah) He thinks that i need some physical therapy, strengthen my muscles. My other muscle and ligaments are...
  2. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    I went to the ER yesterday. the Pain got real bad ,and i was afraid to go the weekend sitting here thinking that something is terribly wrong with my knee. I do not want to ever go thru what I did again. Maybe I'm a wimp. I did get an appointment with my doctors assistant on Tuesday. so i am...
  3. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    fever not over 100. i will call the os tomorrow.
  4. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    I was just reading about infection in the knee and they can happen anytime. I have had a fever and thought I had the flu, but now I am so scared. I dont was to have to do anything to my knee again. Should I get to a doctor sooner than later? Joni
  5. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    Now my knee is very swollen and painful. I am walking like i used to before my surgery. I am in a lot of pain. I don't think that I can wait till June 22nd to see the OS, but that was the earliest i could get in. Can I have an infection this late after one year of surgery? Help!!!:hissyfit:
  6. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    I made appointment could not get till 6/22. thank you for commenting on my Grand daughter. I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH. thanks Sonja
  7. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    yes well both knee cap shaved down and put plastic one underneath
  8. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    testing my new picture
  9. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    I am going to call in the morning. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Joni

    Knee Pain One Year After Total Knee Replacement

    good afternoon, It's been along tie since i've been here. I recognize the names of the people that were here to encourage me through my surgery. I have been having pain in my knee. Real bad pain. and it seems "how can you have pain when it is just metal?". and I am having pain in my knee...
  11. Joni

    3 month post op

    Hi Gina, I have been reading all of your posts. Boy you sure have benn going through alot. I havent been posting because my computer just goes blank when i have tried in the past I ahve wanted to write to you but was unable. it seems to be working for now. I just posted a new thread. If you...
  12. Joni

    Update since I wrote last Questions

    It's been a while since I have written. But everytime I start to post or or make a new thread my computer goes blank. An I have written some long posts. I am sure going to copy this before I hit that send button this time. I have been reading how everybody is doing, and very happy for their...
  13. Joni

    report bugs or problems, please

    Re: report bugs or problems. please I cant seem to post a new thread. I have been trying for a few weeks and just a blank screen. Help! but why did this one work?
  14. Joni

    New way to exercise at home.

    I like them all especially Queen, and I think you have a great idea there going! Keep on moving!!!!:thmb: Joni
  15. Joni

    Back to Working Today

    Thats so funny! I wasthinking the same thing. I was looking at my desk and my recliner and seeing if it would fit so I could work with my legs elevated. Now that I think of it, I do have a big easy chair with a stool that i could relax in with I work. HUM????? Joni
  16. Joni

    Back to Working Today

    I started back to work today, and worked from home. It wasnt too bad. I did get a little tired around noon, my nap time. So I just got in my chair and took a little lunchtime nap. Shhh! dont tell my Boss! My 6 week check-up was on wednesday and I asked the Doctor write me a note to return to...
  17. Joni

    6 weeks out...what next?

    Gina thats great you got to 90 degrees! A few weeks ago, I was at 110, now back to 90. I was a little discouraged but My PT guy said that I will have ups and downs. Just keep working it will get there he told me and you really dont have far to go! Joni
  18. Joni

    Pain on the outside of my calf

    Hi, I have been having alot of pain on the outside of my calf. It feels like muscle pain, but sometimes like nerve pain. I think when I saw the Doc at my 2 week check-up he said that it was nerve pain. does that mean that it will always be there? This feels like you want to massage the muscle...
  19. Joni

    I'm now almost starting 4 weeks

    I've been reading your posts am glad you are doing better. I have been feeling a little better lately. I wish I could sleep through the night though. I wake up every couple of hours and look at tv for awhile, then try it again. My ROM is good. 110 an 0 after my stretchinng exercises. I have...
  20. Joni

    I'm now almost starting 4 weeks

    I havent written in awhile, but i have been reading here to see how everybody was doing. I have been having Home PT (she is great it doesnt hurt too bad and lets me stop when i hurt). and the last one is tomorrow. I am not looking foward to out patient PT. I have been in alot of pain and been...

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