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  1. aussie

    TKR Back again!!!

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum. I've just had a LTKR on the 1st of July. Needless to say I'm experiencing the expected sleeping problems, icing, elevation etc. pain isn't really a problem and I'm only needing stronger painkillers before bed. In fact on returning home my...
  2. aussie

    4 1/2 months checkup.

    Hi everyone, I saw the OS today, great news, he said my leg was very straight, xrays great, flex good too, (it's up to 110 at least, I was a bit stiff from the drive), he said I was walking very well, even said "spritely". Scar good too. Woohoo! All in all he was very happy. So was I...
  3. aussie

    Paying it forward :)

    I had the most wonderful experience yesterday that I want to share with you all. I had been to the airport with a family friend to drop my mum and dad off, for a brief holiday. On the way home we stopped at a shopping centre to have some lunch. All day I walked around, stood etc no problems...
  4. aussie

    What would you do differently

    Hi Jo, An idea just came to me and if you don't think this is a good idea for a thread take it off the forum, I won't be offended. I thought if those of us who have been through the surgeries put down what we would do differently if we have to do it again, and some of us do. It may help...
  5. aussie

    Nice To Feel "Normal" Again

    Hi all, Here I am at 14 weeks post op, RTKR and I feel great. I feel so normal, normal for me anyway :) I have my life back and feel like I'm living it now, and with that my bubbly personality has returned. Funny, I hadn't realised it had really disappeared so far into the pain...
  6. aussie

    Knee arthroscopy info please

    My 30 something son is going to have either one or both knees 'scoped' soon. I would appreciate any info I can pass onto him regarding, pain after, walking aids, icing, recovery period. Anything I can pass on would be great. Thanks Chris :)
  7. aussie

    8 weeks today, woohoo!

    Here I am 8 weeks after TLKR and soooooo very thankful I have had the surgery, and thankful I made it this far, there were times I didn't think I would. Thanks to all the input from everyone on this forum. I still have swelling, some discomfort, some numbness and my LTHR from '07 isn't enjoying...
  8. aussie

    Hi and Thanks

    Hi everyone, Even though you didn't know it you have been my guides and encouragement over the past few weeks. I first found you at four weeks recovery when I was feeling like I would never see any improvement. Sharing your experiences showed me I was on the right track, it was very...

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