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    Water on the knee prior to TKR

    I went to have a cortisone injection the middle of Dec and scheduled my surgery for March 28th. Two weeks after the injection my knee swelled up just above the knee cap. After having done a TKR on the other knee I knew the routine - rest, ice, compression and elevation. After a week no...
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    3D printed knee replacement

    Does anybody have any experience with a 3D printed knee. My OS is now starting to use this but I haven't had a chance to discuss with him since my surgery is not till July.
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    New hips now new knees?

    I have had both hips replaced in the last 4 years with the last one on June 2nd. I knew before surgery that my knees were bone on bone on the outside of the joint- X rays were taken by the OS that did my hips. He said let's get your hip done first then talk about your knees. Well now that the...
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    [THR] My thoughts on THR after 7 weeks

    I had a my RH done in 2011 @ 56 and my LH on 6/2/2015 at age 60. - Recovering at age 60 is harder than 56. I guess 4 yrs at this age is different than 4 yrs if you are in your 20's or 30's. - I have come to agree that PT may do more harm than good. My first surgery no PT just bed exercises and...
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    What a week

    Had to start back to work Monday due to lack of sick and flex days(It's been less than 3 weeks since the surgery). I have 1 week left for the rest of the year but for my sanity I need my week of fishing in Canada. Monday was tough decided to work till noon the rest of the week(there goes another...
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    Pain Meds

    Hi-new to the forum and have a few questions. After putting it off for 3 yrs I had a THR on Feb 1st. everything seems to be going great and I've been okayed to use a cane now. My question concerns pain meds and how long do folks normally need them. I take a Percoset before bedtime as I seem to...

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