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  1. FCBayern

    Ankle Total Ankle Replacement

    I had a left Total Ankle Replacement on December 12th of 2011 and am still happy with the results. I just ran into some notes I made during my recovery period that might be of interest to anyone contemplating this surgery. The device used was the STAR (Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement)...
  2. FCBayern

    THR FCBayern's Recovery

    Well here I am home with my brand new super custom aftermarket hip. Into surgery at 12:53 and to recovery at 3:10. OS stated that everything went very smooth and that the hip was completely shot, so getting in early by being on the waiting list paid off. Pain is controlled for now, I know that...
  3. FCBayern

    THR Super Custom Aftermarket Hip

    Thought I had more time to get ready for my hip replacement as I was scheduled for January 8th, but I got a call that they had a cancellation so next Monday the 2nd is the day. All in all I'm pretty happy about it, the pain has been getting really debilitating. My surgeon stated that my groin...
  4. FCBayern

    TKR FC Bayern's House of Healing

    Well everything went really well the day of surgery. Surgery was at 7:30 this morning and I was home in my chair with 'toes above nose' and the ice machine running by 1:30. Due to the nerve block I was in very little pain. In the I meantime was careful not to do too much or to do anything...
  5. FCBayern

    Scuba Diving after a knee replacement?

    Has anyone here had experience with scuba post TKR? I'm scheduled to go to the Caribbean in late may and I'm hoping I can dive.
  6. FCBayern

    Surgery Looming

    My knee replacement is scheduled for January 31st.


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