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  1. FCBayern

    Revision TKR Sondrals’ Revision

    I wear shorts all the time (I know, we men don't even care!) but I've had comments before that my right knee is larger than my left, and my left ankle is bigger than my right. I just tell them it keeps me balanced. :heehee:
  2. FCBayern

    THR Now POST-op

    When I first started walking outside @cannygirl I would walk up the street and go one house further everyday before turning back. When that distance became halfway around the block, I knew I could go all the way around without causing pain. A slow steady recovery (although it's never a straight...
  3. FCBayern

    THR Let the healing begin...

    WOW! What a great report @DGrant! I found when I first made the change to a cane, I found that that I liked to use the walker during middle of the night bathroom trips. Being half asleep I didn't want to take any chances. Other that that the transition to cane was great, and when I started...
  4. FCBayern

    THR Debbie’s New Right Hip

    It's an amazing feeling when you start to realize your turning the corner to pain free movement @Dmcfad2! :happydance:Just don't get too excited, you are at a prime time to join the Over Did It Club (ODIC) not a nice place to visit if you can avoid it!
  5. FCBayern

    THR Any farmers with THR

    I was about 10 months when I completed a very challenging hike over uneven terrain with a big elevation change without pain @Tragically hip. I was able to do many other things earlier than that, but I would say 10-12 months before you can be assured that a very active day wont cause you pain. My...
  6. FCBayern

    THR 3 weeks post-hip surgery

    Hi and :welome: to BoneSmart @Nana53! We're glad you found us as well. It sounds like you are doing very well, I'll leave you our recovery guidelines below. Please tell us the exact date of your surgery and which hip was done, it will help staff provide more targeted advise for you. As you...
  7. FCBayern

    ORIF Broken Femur/ORIF surgery Dec. 20, 2020.

    I saw significant increase in ROM in my second year of recovery, and continue to see improvements in my third year @liam2015
  8. FCBayern

    THR Let the healing begin...

    I strongly agree with Jaycey, I thought the first couple days "this is a breeze", then the numbing agent applied directly in the joint wore off and suddenly I had the pain I had always expected. I'd wait to drop the pain meds until you see how you feel after days 3-4. Once you get behind the...
  9. FCBayern

    TKR Six Months later still pain and can't walk far

    Sorry your recovery is going slowly @pigletinportuga, but this really is a long haul recovery. I only had 120 degrees of flexion and was short of being straight by 4 degrees at one year. At two years I reached around 145 degrees and 1 degree past straight. It's too soon to think you won't...
  10. FCBayern

    OATS -MACI Oats, Maci, microfracture

    @Mike856nj73 I know many many people (I'm one!) that said they wished they had their TKR sooner. I have yet to meet one that said they wish they had waited. TKR is scary, but once more than one compartment of you knee has issues, it's just a matter of time, and how many other procedures you want...
  11. FCBayern

    THR Let the healing begin...

    Welcome to the healing side and I hope you can stay ahead of your pain. Following the prescribed time and dose are your best friend right now, But when you feel better I would definitely report the PT, maybe you can save some other poor soul from her "ministrations".
  12. FCBayern

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    My heart goes out to you @Mersada. :boohoo:It's hard to let go of our beloved fur babies, but I firmly believe they will be waiting for us when we too cross the rainbow bridge. :angel:
  13. FCBayern

    TKR My Journey

    Be very careful to monitor yourself after doing squats @FourCats, new knees really don't like those kinds of exercise, it would have set me back for sure as early in recovery as you are.
  14. FCBayern

    TKR Recovering after Jan 26 Right TKR

    The first time I dove was only 4 months post TKR @Kneeophyte, and that trip I needed to use smaller fins to be comfortable, I also needed my BCD lifted into the boat before I could climb the ladder. Now I use a pretty large set of fins and comfortably climb the ladder with all my gear on. I...
  15. FCBayern

    TKR LTKR April 1 - bending knee hurts

    I don't know what the area your living looks like, but I lived in a suburban neighborhood and walked down the street trying to go one house farther every day. When I finally made it halfway around the block I knew I could make the whole circuit. It pays to be the turtle not the hare.
  16. FCBayern

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    You could try that for short periods of time @Mersada, but if your recliner is your comfort spot there's no reason not to be in it. You are early in recovery with a complicating issue, you need to take it slow and easy. When you are resting comfortably your body can concentrate on healing.
  17. FCBayern

    THR Discontinuing meds prior to surgery.. what experiences are you having?

    @DGrant on Aftermarket's thread you said: As I thought about it over a glass of wine last night I figured why not... so my wife and I started coming with all kinds of crazy stuff for a send off for my old hip.... and talking about what we're going to do with our new hip. There's some serious...
  18. FCBayern

    TKR TKR left

    No need to rush for range of motion (ROM) so soon @denn. Prior to my TKR I was aware of the BoneSmart gentle approach to recovery as opposed to rigorous PT. I was lucky enough to find the site before my TKR. Even though I knew about the BoneSmart approach my OS was all about PT and "whatever ROM...
  19. FCBayern

    Revision THR Extended trochanteric osteotomy

    You are most likely experiencing more pain and swelling because the revision surgery disturbed all of the surrounding tissues more than the original THR. The old hardware had to be removed and as you stated a longer stem was put in, and I'm guessing the incision is quite a bit larger this time...
  20. FCBayern

    Revision THR Extended trochanteric osteotomy

    Hi and :welome: to BoneSmart @Winfred! Sorry to hear you are experiencing so much swelling and discomfort. Please give us the dates of all your surgeries so we can add it to your signature, it helps staff provide better information for you. I will leave our recovery guidelines for you below...


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