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  1. Eman85

    Cortisone shot?? Effectiveness?

    Anyone that's had a shot for their hip how effective was it? I'm looking at having my right hip done but really want to wait until it's cold out. Dr's office said 3 months wait after shot for THR, that would time it out about right for me if it does the trick. If not then it's 3 months wait...
  2. Eman85

    Something that might help after THR

    I came across this, had never seen something like it before. Would make getting in and out of a chair much easier.
  3. Eman85

    THR THR tell me about your recovery

    Hello, I had my THR on 2/13. Long story leading up to it but I've waited most of my life for this. it was a challenge for the surgeon as 50 years ago pins were inserted in my femur which had to be removed to install the joint. Due to this it was a longer surgery and a bigger posterior...


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