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  1. Mutti3

    [TKR] Better and better!

    Two year check in! The left knee is ” better and better”. Have completely forgot the pain, and stress of surgery. The knee replacement was a complete success. As for my right foot , that is healed as well. As a side note, I had cataract surgery recently, Now I can see vivid colors, distance...
  2. Mutti3

    [TKR] luvcats recovery box

    Rarely do I post, but this question begs an answer. Took about 3-4 months to get the healthy level of energy, but you had two surgeries within two months.Double that time! Surgery is exhausting on the body, and can’t rush recovery.
  3. Mutti3

    I Canceled my TKR. Now I'm regretting it!

    There is nothing wrong with canceling surgery if it doesn’t “ feel” right for you. No guilt or shame. When you feel ready you will know. It took me years to finally get the knee replaced.
  4. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    I am so sorry for all you problems after knee replacement @Motherbone. Very interesting follow up after I saw an orthopedic. My MRI of the right foot was completely normal. It didn’t even show an healing stress fracture. The doctor concluded , just go on with my life. What I read between “...
  5. Mutti3

    [TKR] BCS Anna's Recovery

    I will jump in here in to support you. @BCSAnna This is your thread, recovery, and knee replacement story. Congratulations on an excellent report. Don’t feel guilty for experiencing a very successful surgery. There is a place at the “ table” for everyone who has gone thru this type of surgery...
  6. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    @Jockette Had my appointment with the different OS. He was nice, allowed me to talk and listened. Review the X-ray, and found it to be normal. That was expected. Ordered a MRI to be been this Friday, and follow up appointment in a week. He initially felt like 4 weeks in a boot was way too...
  7. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    I hope so, he is in my same practice as my OS. My husband seen him for a possible total shoulder replacement a couple of years ago. He never got it replaced. But the doctor seems kind, answers all questions throughly. As I said , I like my O.S., but he is knees and hips only. With your foot...
  8. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    @Jockette Update on my right foot. I never had the MRI of the foot because I didn’t want any follow up with that podiatrist. I called my OS office to make an appointment to see an OS who does feet. My OS only does knees and hips. This offices does not uses PA, so I will see the doctor this...
  9. Mutti3

    Medicare and getting recovery equipment before the surgery

    Medicare pays for a walker, 3in 1bedside commode. The ice machine is part of the hospital charge. Medicare doesn’t pay for “ convenience items” , only medical necessity. I am referring only Medicare A/b with a medigap. If you have an advantage (part c ) you need to contact your plan. Also the...
  10. Mutti3

    [REVISION TKR] Motherbone's Recovery Thread

    I grieve with you. Our fur babies wiggle their way into our hearts , saying good bye is terrible. I lost my precious Joey last Thursday early morning due to a very sudden illness. I feel your pain and grief. My avatar shows my 3 cats. Sherman, the black cat died in February. Joey is the brown...
  11. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    Follow up report: my right foot seem to feel “weak”, like a sprained . It would slight swell on the lateral side if I worn an unsupported shoe. I can walk with no pain, and even go bare footed. Decided to see the podiatrist yesterday. What a disappointment! The visit didn’t start off right...
  12. Mutti3

    Pre- Op Questions???

    Used walker for 2 weeks, the cane for 2 weeks.
  13. Mutti3

    Pre- Op Questions???

    @Cynof4 To answer your questions. Today is my 18 month knee replacement anniversary. 1. I didn’t have any questions. 2. I did upper and lower body exercises to gain strength and endurance. 3. No femoral block, my husband had one, no problem. 4. I took my pain medication faithfully. Also had a...
  14. Mutti3

    [REVISION TKR] 2 failed revisions & a stress fracture, all in 14 months

    Do you have presently a medicare advantage plan, Part C?
  15. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    @Jockette I have to wear supportive shoes, or the walking boot. It is better, but it will swell if I wear heels. My feet are my “trouble area” not my knees! I have fallen metatarsal on the right, Morton Neroma surgery on the left. I realized there are very little “ fixing” for feet problem. I...
  16. Mutti3

    toes Stress fracture right foot

    @Jockette I have had plantar fasciitis in the past. Found out if I wear dress shoes with even a 1 inch heel, it caused my right foot to swell. So I wear the walking boot while sitting with my feet down during work. It really lessen the discomfort. Decided to forgo a mri for now. I always had...
  17. Mutti3

    [TKR] Coming along<<

    It is not easy going back to work after a knee replacement. Increased activity, lingering brain fog all wears you out. One day at a time. Rest,as much as possible, your knee is still heal!
  18. Mutti3

    Bath tub solutions?

    I have a regular tub with shower. I step over the tub the first morning home.Would of been second day post operative. My spouse assisted my operative knee over tub. Didn’t used a shower bench. Practice different techniques. You know your home, and what you can do. You will be surprised at your...
  19. Mutti3

    [TKR] Zombies Love to Dance<

    Just to response to your question, I needed only one knee replaced . My husband had his right knee replaced in 2007, his left knee in 2014. He didnt got full benefit of his first replacement until he recovered from the second. Quality of ambulatory life is important.
  20. Mutti3

    [REVISION TKR] Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet<

    I think when our bodies don’t met our expectation there is sadness, grief and a little self anger. Healing takes such a long time. It is not easy to be kind to ourselves, easier to be kind to others. @eaglemom and @Jockette you are good, caring people!

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