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  1. Fit4Family

    [THR] Bickypeg's new hip

    For some reason I’m craving a cup of tea after catching up with you. @bickypeg Lovely photo of you at your cafe. Laughed at your shoe, and mattress comment. Yes and YES. I imagine a morning without pain was remarkable! I bought all new undergarments after my husbands laundry duty. He did...
  2. Fit4Family

    [TKR] Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    What would we do without our sweet husband? Sounds like you are in good hands @Hoppy Nanny Yumm, Chicken FILO pie! Sending sleep dust and wishes for a relaxing day.
  3. Fit4Family

    [TKR] Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    Hello Chrissie @Hoppy Nanny You are such a trouper. Truth, “this too will pass.” I’m so glad you are finding it easier to sleep this go around. Sleep is restorative. Hope you have had some good visits with family to give your lots of tender love and care. Sending you healing vibes sweet...
  4. Fit4Family

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    Hope you had a good weekend with friends @Barbaraj What a fun group! Congratulations on being released from PT. :happydance:With hip number 2 behind you, you have much to celebrate. I have come to really care for my PT group too. It will be a sad day to say goodbye, but I am sure you are...
  5. Fit4Family

    [THR] lotusbuds' recovery thread

    So sorry you had the flu @lotusbuds What a bummer! Will have to read up on Feldenkrais. That’s a new one to me. I have not been able to ditch the cane yet, so kudos that you are making steady progress. Down to one Tylenol is excellent too! Two things I have added this week are stair planks...
  6. Fit4Family

    [THR] Fit4Family's recovery thread

    Hello @lotusbuds What a nice surprise to see you here this morning! I bet weeks of rain are hard to get used to. We have had so much heat that it is a relief to our trees and yard. Hope you are doing well. Going to see if you posted and update. Hope you have a wonderful day.
  7. Fit4Family

    [THR] lotusbuds' recovery thread

    Happy Saturday @lotusbuds Just thinking about you and wondering how you are getting along now? Hope you are feeling more like yourself. I am still using trekking polls you recommended. ❤️ Still not there yet but making a little progress each month. Sending wishes for a happy, healthy Fall...
  8. Fit4Family

    [THR] BoneSmart = best recovery!

    Hope you have a fabulous trip @ceezee Thinking of you as you head off on your adventure. Hope your hips play nice.
  9. Fit4Family

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    I hope your bed is fabulous! I’m envisioning a magical night of sleep. :sleep:
  10. Fit4Family

    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    Hello Sweet Izzy @Izabel Thank you for the pretty pictures you left on my thread. Hope you are keeping your chin up too. PT gave me two new exercises to try for improving hip flexor strength. Seem promising as I could do them and have not had severe sore that sometimes happens. Hope you have a...
  11. Fit4Family

    [THR] Fit4Family's recovery thread

    Thank you all for your sweet comments about new pic. @ceezee @Izabel :loveshwr: @Elf1 I was super aunt for years. How wonderful that you are bonding with you DILs. Last of my siblings to marry by many years. The wonderful part is that now that my nieces and nephews are all adults, we are still...
  12. Fit4Family

    [TKR] Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    @Hoppy Nanny My heart goes out to you Chrissie. I hope these first few days are behind you quickly and that you find a medication time table that helps you live through the early days. I hope you can go home today and maybe rest better without all the noise and disruptions. Sending lots of ❤️...
  13. Fit4Family

    [THR] Elf1 Recovery Road

    This exactly!! Lol. Next party, I’d loose her invitation. Yikes! I am so glad the hospital took your feedback to heart. A bummer you had to be the trail blazer, but way to pay it forward for the next joint patient. Staffing varies so much at hospitals. I had two different local hospitals, one...
  14. Fit4Family

    [THR] Fit4Family's recovery thread

    You are so kind @CricketHip I didn’t know it was a Nor’easter. Lots of rain. Makes sense. It would have been crazy if snow. I really appreciate all your expertise. I have continued the breathing you recommended. All great ideas. I think I may have rested a bit better last night with new...
  15. Fit4Family

    [THR] Fit4Family's recovery thread

    Thank you @Layla Memories of a fun day this weekend. Really lifted my spirits. I know what you mean about the Holidays being just around the corner. 10 weeks until 2020. Which is crazy to me. I love decorating and putting up a tree just after. Thanksgiving. We cut down a fresh tree from a farm...
  16. Fit4Family

    [THR] Mayhip8's recovery thread

    I came today thinking of you and your surgery. @Mayhip8 I am so happy that as you’ve processed the cancellation you see a glimmer of a silver lining. I got chills when I read of your exchange with the woman at the pool. When we get those moments it does bolster one, that we aren’t alone and...
  17. Fit4Family

    [HIP INFECTION] Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    Congratulations @Izabel So very happy for you. I was so happy when I could rub lotion on my heals. 2.5 years. Bless you friend. ❤️ You have surely been through such a long road. So are you going to paint your toes? Inquiring minds. xxxxxx Sarah
  18. Fit4Family

    [THR] Fit4Family's recovery thread

    Aww, you all made my day. ❤️ Daughter just drove out of driveway. She’s happy to get back to her guy and friends. Wouldn’t have it any other way, but got misty! It is fine with me to do laundry when she’s back @Barbaraj I won’t tell if you won’t tell. :heehee: She works so hard at school, it’s...
  19. Fit4Family

    [BILATERAL THRs] Grateful Double Hippy

    @Mojo333 Love your picture with that huge bass! Happy to read that your foot is on the mend. Hoping your hips are still happy after a spell on crutches. Hope you have a great week! ❤️
  20. Fit4Family

    [TKR] Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    Hoping your honeymoon phase continues today Chrissie. xxxx Sounds like you might try to get up today? Best of luck! Sending gentle hugs across the pond. Hoping your hip is happy with its new shinny friend.

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